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Hal mara sij Hearts and Flowers. Introducing… Muffy Cake’s Love Edition ;)

My favorite are the cookies, the fudge ball brownies, and Charming;p

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  1. 1Nymphadora

    I think i’m falling in love with your blog ;D :D :D
    i don’t know why this year i can’t feel love in the air ;p
    i think i need to fall in love with some one, or something ! i don’t know
    hook me up with some one would you :P

  2. 2Amethyst

    Lol! Aaawww, thank you;*

    There is no love in the air, so that’s why you can’t feel it;p

    I’ll hook you up when I hook myself up;)

  3. 33baid

    Mind if I add this to Paper Dump? :]

  4. 4Amethyst

    Of course not! Add it, I’m sure Muffy would be very grateful;D

  5. 53baid

    Great :D

  6. 6F.

    Ever since you gave me the menu for Muffy’s I’ve always wanted to try their stuff…just never had the chance to yet…
    I’ll definately try them soon..I’ll let you know what everyone thinks :)

  7. 7Amethyst


    It’s so worth it. Please update me;D

    P.S. Try the layer cake.. I think it’s called Choco Marsh Torta de Capa. I’m in love with it;p

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