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The Dreaded Raised Eyebrow! Yes.. For those of you who know me, you’ll get aha moments. Now, a lot of people get the impression that I’m rude, stuck up, and all witchy because of my facial expressions. I’m not. Seriously, I just have a very honest face which cannot hide emotions. My mom thinks it’s extremely rude that I can’t be nice or ajamel, but I really can’t help it. So, anyway, one of my loved ones has been putting an urge into action by bringing down my raised eyebrows with an itching index finger… I scream for my rights! That is VIOLATION!

J is leaving. S is leaving. Parents are leaving. My permission slip to Cyprus has been rejected by my dear father with a very extravagant flair. H, I’m counting on you to make me feel like the Queen I am during this break.

Read this.

I only recently found out there was a video for the song. Hail me, people. Hail Queen Aicha;)

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  1. 1haj

    hahah first, i love how you picked the title to this post ;p

    second, yes i am leaving this week (5 days, 2 hours and 15 minutes to be specific :D :D:D:D) andd yes i am very sad, bss shasawee ba3ad! I’m gona try to talk to you everyday inshallah and when i come back ill make it up to you, especially ur bday!
    love u ammwah ;**

  2. 2Amethyst

    LOL! Yeah.. Random?

    Khaysa.. I stopped loving you when you told me. Just kidding. You can’t make it up to me BECAUSE I should be going to CYPRUS;(

    Love you more;*

  3. 3Noufa

    so much love, I’m gonna vomit j/k :P lol it’s cute ;)

    I have the same issue. if I’m grossed out or pissed at someone I can never hide, it shows. and if they ask I’m honest enough to say “You stink, go shower :)

    :( I’m stuck in this shit hole too, and all my friends are traveling. Whores :@

    Aisha :P the video was release since forever (90′s i guess) you’re way too late :P

  4. 4..::Amu::..

    the video is too slow for me ! not my taste..

    but I am sad you will be spend your vacations at home this year…go out and party!

  5. 5Amethyst


    Don’t you think it’s better? A7san mn enich etjamleen w et3awreen rasech. You won’t have people you don’t like hanging around you either;p

    I feel you;(

    I know! Ironically, it’s my name, I love the song, but I never knew there was a video!

    I don’t care if it’s not your taste. That’s my name!

    I know! It’s not party season though;(

  6. 6N.

    el video is old! lol :p and yeah its cool and yes all hail ;P

  7. 7Amethyst

    You’re alive!

    *takes a bow*
    Thank you;p

  8. 8N.

    You’re welcome ;p yes I am alive madmoiselle..

  9. 9Amethyst

    You better start blogging regularly;p

  10. 10N.

    I like how you threaten in a very nice way, so graceful of you ;P I’d like to do it regularly, but my blog is falling on hard times…. lol…

  11. 11Amethyst

    Lol! Thank you;p

    That’s because you want it to fall on hard times:)

  12. 12Cat

    i loved d videoooooooooooo

  13. 13Amethyst

    It’s good to have you back:)

  14. 14Hussain

    that song is disgusting … can i ‘barf’?

  15. 15Hussain

    oh and your face, i never thought of “honest” in terms of describing it. sneaky, maybe. evil, yes. but honest, no ….

    but then again that’s just me. you want a piece of me?

  16. 16Amethyst

    Yes, you can barf. I wouldn’t want to see that though.

    Look whose talking! Mr. I Can Be Mean Just Because. You’re evil and sneaky, not I!

    I would never want a piece of you… EVER!

  17. 17do0da

    LOLL thats not a violation :P thats a perfectly valid action :P

  18. 18Amethyst

    No, it’s not.. It’s NOT! There is not explanation. It’s just not a valid action;p

  19. 19F.

    Yeah, I agree with Hussain, “honest” wouldn’t be the word to describe your face…
    When I first met you I didn’t know what to think! ;P

    This video clip is one of the oldest I remember from my childhood…I love the lady…so magical!

  20. 20Amethyst

    Hey! Ya3ni wayhi evil?!

    Yeah, she looks like something from a fairytale.

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