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Of the many issues that never cease to get on my nerves are women who complain about things they are not willing to do anything about. Examples?


My friend’s husband is literally a big baby. He comes him from work, drops his briefcase on the floor, takes off his clothes and leaves them strewn across the bedroom floor, eats and does not bother cleaning up after himself, and does not lend a hand in any of the work his wife does around the house. She has a full time job, too, and they live alone in their two bedroom apartment with no help.

She complains about his actions constantly. I am reluctant to answer the phone because I know all I’m going to get is complaints about her husband’s actions. When I tell her to confront him gently, she refuses. Tell him that he is a grown up and can hang up his clothes or throw them in the laundry basket when he comes home. Tell him to help you with the dishes. Tell him to make sure his own clothes are ready the night before work; it’s not your problem if his ghutra is not ironed.

Her response? “Fashla,” “3aib,” and “magi.” Seriously? Then stop complaining about it! You’re making your husband look bad. All your friends probably hate him by now because of how bad you make him look. This is your husband. You’re going to be living with him for the rest of your life, inshallah. Why do this? How would you like it if you go out on a double date and your friend’s husband says something like, “at least I hang my clothes when I take them off” or a similar remark? How do you think he would feel? There is no fashla and 3aib between a husband and his wife.


Girls, stop complaining about being single. Society does not hate you for being single. You are not shunned because you are single. You are not unsuccessful because you are single. If that’s how you see it, then you are the one with issues not society. Celebrate yourself and shut up!


Wives, stop judging your in laws. Be nice. Set boundaries if you do not want to be best buddies with them, but do not make assumptions and badmouth them to the whole world.

I was sitting in a gathering with friends that I have not seen in such a long time. It was more of a reunion. One of the girls had gotten married and was pregnant. She does not live with her in laws and was telling us how they do not have any manners just because they call and ask how she is everyday, invite themselves over so that they can see her bearing cake and gifts, and ask her if she would like them to send their housemate to help her in cleaning the apartment. I mean, come on! That sounds like a really nice family to have for in laws. They just want to be nice. No, you do not know that they think you are not san3a because they called you before you called them. No, you do not know that they did invited themselves over because they want to see if you are doing a good job at keeping the apartment clean. No, you did not know that they believe that you cannot afford a housemate or cannot ask your family for theirs. They are just being nice. Give them a chance.

Guess what? Even if they are horrible people, stop badmouthing them. They are going to be your children’s grandparents, aunts, and uncles! You’re ruining your children’s family’s reputation.

I belong to the female race. I am not attacking you. Take pride in being a woman and act upon it!

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  1. 1N.

    3afiya, All women should read this and celebrate their gender! This is 2011, gender domination should be long gone by now! Great post ;*

  2. 2her

    I can relate to you ..there are some people who complain about everything good or bad they can never be happy and they dont know that the problem is withe them

  3. 3Amu

    Great post!! Couldn’t agree more..

  4. 4Amethyst

    Tell me about it!x

    So true, it’s sad!


  5. 5C

    oh god… THANK YOU!!!!
    I have a friend like yorus in #1… only mine is a doormat. Her husband doesn’t have any postive qualities, and it goes beyong being a slob. He is not even concerned when their baby girl needed to be taken to the hospital because apparrently he was out with another girl. And my friend tolerates that. Like you, I look at the phone and feel like the phone call from my friend is such a burden. Malait from hearing this neverending ti7il6im about something she can do something about, starting with talking to him. If that doesn’t work out.. LEAVE! Respect yourself for your husband to respect you.
    And I completely agree with #2. I’m single and LOVING IT! I’d rather be alone than with someone who’s only going to deteriorate my quality of life. I get pitty remarks from people, I just smile, say I’m young, and that I’d rather to wait for someone who meets my standards than just treat it like an errand on my to-do list. That generally does the trick in shutting people up ;)

  6. 6Amethyst

    It’s really sad how people who are concerned in an issue do nothing while others push their noses into others’ business.

  7. 7swera

    Nice post *applauds*

    1- My husband once told me: “When the husband & the wife lives together, in 1 house, on 1 bed under 1 roof then there’s nothing to be shy from. They should speak to each other about anything they want”. It’s either she talks to him or shut her mouth! even though i hate such men bs she has to live with it if she’s choosing to stay quiet!

    My husband does many things around the house el7mdella, but one time i asked him to clean the toilet & he gave me that look lol “lata7lemeen wayed” so i shut my mouth coz he’s doing alot around the house.

    2- you cannot help those who are old in age & single. Society is a killer, I was once single & 27. And they would literary torture me. I was rude to them but seriously it used to ruin my mood.

    3- I don’t hv in laws but if i did i’d treat them like my own coz this is how it’s supposed to be.

  8. 8Amethyst

    1. Totally agree! 3aib tefthe7een 3youb raylech 3end ilawadem!

    2. What I don’t like is them complaining about God’s will. Ya3ni everyone’s bitching about how the married girls get everything when it’s not true. So annoying.

    3. That’s how it’s supposed to be, bas wain eli yefham?

  9. 9EvetManagement

    hahaha! babe.. i totally agree with you!… bs can you blame them? u give such good advice.. i mean, after all, you are my advice guru when things go wrong :P bs maybe thts cuz ur my best friend?


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