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Yes, I know.. It’s been just a few days short of a year, and what a crazy year it has been! Just to clarify, this is the updates post. Maybe next time a real post will happen.

First, we have been blessed with beautiful, bouncy Baby Noor! She’s a real miracle. Her happiness makes the world go round. <3

Second, I’m in a life-changing transition phase. By this time next year, I should be nearing the end of a year of studies, inshallah!

Third, business is thriving. Stress is taking over. I have been working non-stop, and I am thankfully really close to getting a break.

These are the important points, I guess.

Random stuff:

I know publishing a book you have written is great, but really, if you want to do something that big, do it right. Get an editor. A book with too many mistakes, names that aren’t capitalized, bad punctuation, and repetitive word use is not a good start for someone aspiring to be a writer.

In the time I have taken away from the blogosphere, I noticed that all the blogs have turned into either marketing/review blogs or fashion blogs. Where did all the normal bloggers who talked about their lives and interests go? And no, I don’t mean the part of their life where one tells us what the new trend is and which new restaurant is worth a visit.

Did you know that all you have to do to be a certified translator is take an oath at the court?

On motherhood,

It is not overrated at all. Actually, if it’s possible, it’s underrated. I’m so in love with the baby, the way I feel as a mother, and everything that comes with it that I cannot wait to have another baby. Waiting for the right time now feels like forever.

I think this is enough post-midnight rambling. Fingers crossed I’ll be posting again soon.

8 Comments for “Nsquared”

  1. 1N.

    It’s great seeing you back here ;*

    I totally understand the whole blogosphere thing. What happened?

    You’re a wonderful mother *hug*

  2. 2Sumaiah

    I read poshlust and I immediately realized that this place is what I’ve been looking for. Then I spent the past 3 hours reading your reading your blog and I’m pretty sure that I love you! LOL I hope I’m not freaking you out bs it’s so hard finding people who write about their experiences (the ones that matter!) These days.

    Welcome back! Good luck with you’re studies, oo mabrook 3alittle bundle of joy, oo please post something soon!

  3. 3Amu

    Congrats on having the greatest gift from Allah..

    Goodluck with the business..Its good to see u back :)

    My wife is expecting too so I am excited about it..Hope all goes well!!!

  4. 4Swair

    Oooooh, you’re here!
    I love motherhood too!

    I KNEW IT!!! All that crappy translation on KTV2 (when I used to watch it) was so obvious, I knew it was just an oath!

    Please keep posting, I’m trying to post more too lol

  5. 5F.

    Hi there! What a coincidence…I was thinking about blogging again and I was reading some old posts when I noticed you’d recently posted something up…

    I miss it…the blogging thing.

  6. 6Amethyst

    Thank you, 7bbi;*

    What I do know for sure is that I should really update my blogroll;p

    I’m not freaked out at all! Thank you so much, and there is most definitely a new, long post coming soon.

    Thank you!

    OMG! Mabrook! It’s the most amazing experience. You’ll know soon enough, inshallah!:D

    Motherhood is so underrated!

    Lol, so true! That’s a huge sign;p

    I will, especially since I’m currently unemployed and back as a student.

    I miss you more than I miss the blogging thing;*

  7. 7Shitwecomeupwit

    Alf mabrook and im keeping a close eye on the blog…and Baby Noor lol ;p

  8. 8Amethyst

    Thank you!

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