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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
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I love shoes. I buy a lot of shoes. I need to stop buying shoes. Not working. I bought new shoes a few days ago. Not good. Shoe incidents?

Found these amazing heels, tried them on, walked around in them for around thirty minutes, and reserved them. I needed my friend to stop me, but she was kind of soft about it, not very harsh and demanding. So, I thought I’d call N. He’d stop me for sure, right? I mean, he knows how many shoes I have! Meanwhile, I went to another store and did clothes shopping. When N. finally calls, he just plainly and simply tells me that I can get the shoes if I want. If I want? Of course I want! So, I got them.

Incident where people actually try to stop me?

My friend and I walk into Carolina Herrera. Instead of looking at the clothes and a bag to buy my mom as a gift, which is the main reason I’m there, I go to the shoes section. I didn’t like anything, but then.. I saw these beautiful metallic brown leopard print peep toes. I tried them on, and they were even more gorgeous on my feet. But then.. my friend comes and tries to get me not to buy the shoes. She comes between the shoes and I.

Sushi: I thought you didn’t want to buy anymore..

Moi: Etha mu 3ajbech, 6el3ay bara elma7al!

See? It doesn’t work when people try to stop me either. So, shel7al?! Should I never go shopping again? Sigh! I love my heels, all of them! And I totally wouldn’t mind adding to the collection. But I do realize that I need to stop. So, as of the last period in this post, I will try and do my very best to not by heels for at least the next month. This would officially be the last period of this post.

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  1. 1N.

    Since this getting serious, I’ll make sure that happens, with love and care. That should work ;*

  2. 2Amethyst

    With love and care is good. As long as you don’t rip shoes out of my hands;p

  3. 3Danderma

    ooooh ur on Botamba! Wella u always have been but u don’t post?!


    your N should get lessons min my hubby

    when u want to buy something, charts and methods and analysis and feasibility study has to be made

    and he has the knack of remembering every single little thing i bought in the last decade and knows the content of my cupboard inside out

    fa if u want to buy something, first it must get his approval… if it does, then he must make sure you have something that goes with it and if there isnt he won’t stop you buying it… lakin he will nag on your head for one year for buying it… so you would eventually throw if off the roof just to stop his nagging… then he will still nag some more and more and ooooooooh!

    Ma inkhalis

    the good thing about shoes is that they don’t fit me well :D otherwise i would have trunk on trunk of lovely shoes <3

  4. 4Amethyst

    LOL! I don’t think N. could ever be like your husband if he took classes 3enda! Or 3end my Dad, who has the same attitude towards buying things as your husband;p

  5. 5Anonymous

    Hehe, the “if you want” line is immensely familiar. I get that for everything. ;)

    Hang in there, it might blow over. Or, it might not. Who’s to say? As long as it doesn’t result in you being broke far too often than you should be, I say do what makes you happy. Your happiness is likely to be the source of that of others’; that’s the way I see it. :)

  6. 6Amethyst

    Same here. Dad first, N. now. Sigh.

    I don’t think it will even if I am broke far more often than I should be.

    That’s a good way of looking at it! I like! :D

  7. 7Pisces Chick

    Where are you? It’s been one week now! =/
    A new post is needed.
    Are you in rehab? Trying to quit buying new shoes? :P

  8. 8Amethyst

    Pisces Chick
    Hehe, actually, I’ve been busy attending social events and taking care of my business. I’ll post soon! :D

  9. 9eshda3wa

    if u find a cure plz let me know!

  10. 10Swair

    Nothing to do but the post, but here it is anyway:


    DO IT ;p

  11. 11Mrm

    u will not believe the month i had. we3. anyways thaa3 telefoni along with all my contacts :(
    text me on my new #; its the same as my original number except it starts with 66 instead of 99. 7arakat. im the shit. adri. lol miss u both. text me asap!

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