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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

It’s getting harder by the minute to be jobless and bored all the time. Yes, I watch stuff on my laptop, add things to my iPod, read, maintain my weight, take care of my skin and hair, keep up with fashion news, and all that stuff. I even learned to make pasta in pink sauce, a couple of desserts, and stuff like that. But really? What else is there? I’m becoming shallow and superficial as my brain cells rot then die. So, I thought of starting up something of my own. I’m not all that sure of how it’s going to work out, but I have a talent I really want to put to good use.

I love my sis-in-laws three sons. They’re the most amazing company one could ask for. Besides drawing and posting their own work on our fridge, they have a lot of funny conversations with us and with everyone around them. Examples?

Their friend: *talking into a toy walkie talkie* Call the police. Call the police.

Son II: Shut up! I’m Power Ranger Red!

Son I: La meta ma toldeen?

Me: Ana mu 7amel 3ashan olad!

Son I: Ee, la meta?

Me: Madry, enta al7een sh3alaik meni?

Son I: Nabi y9eer 3endina cousin!

Me: Right, w etha yebt baby bet6egouna wela tel3eboun weya?

Son II (notice that he’s been quiet all along except to answer this question): Ben6ega! *realizes that was very wrong* Aaammm Aaamm.. Nel3ab weya! *big grin*

Son III just started talking and said my name right after “Mama” and “Baba.” So, when he saw N. taking our luggage to the car for a short trip he panicked and yelled, “WAIN AYTA?!”


I realize this is a very random post, and to add to that, any diet recommendations?

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  1. 1N.

    I love them, Allah ekhaleehom enshalla. I’m sure with this patience, you will be rewarded greatly. :) Ya36ech el 3afiya baby ;*

  2. 2Amethyst

    I’m sure they love us, too!

    7ayaty, Allah y3afeek;*

  3. 3Vinnie

    So, when u toldeen bissalama. Keep your child away from the 2nd one :P
    Do some community service, join an organization
    Something like free speech or transparency.. totally up to u
    that will give you self satisfaction and give u decent connections
    What kind of job are you looking for atm?
    Finding a job and getting started takes a loooong time here, best of luck with that

  4. 4Amethyst

    The 2nd one is my favorite though! I spend more time with him than the time I spend with the other two combined. Sigh. Y9eer khair when i get pregnant.

    Suggest places. A random list of community service organization things is not going to help because I tried already.

    Anything that is in the field of my degree.

    It really doesn’t. The times are wrong because the economy isn’t doing very well;/

  5. 5Vixen

    Hope you find a job soon.. keep playing sudoko till then to make sure ur brain cells stay in tip top shape ;*

  6. 6Amethyst

    Me too! I love sudoko, been addicted for several years. Newspapers, books, puzzle books, iPod.. Sigh!

  7. 7Mrm

    follow the amethyst brick road!

  8. 8Mrm

    oh, and u need to stop being such a chick. u DONT NEED ANY DIETS!

    however there is one way to make u feel better about urself without having to torture urself with unnecessary diets: fatten up the hubby, and u miraculously seem slimmer! :D

  9. 9Amethyst

    I love the sound of that! I must steal it and put it somewhere;p

    I’m not being a chick. You haven’t seen me in a while. Sigh. And the hubby lost weight.

    Abi abchi

    A b i A b c h i.

  10. 10Pisces Chick

    Adorable kids .. They reminded me of my 3 nephews :*

  11. 11Amethyst

    Pisces Chick
    They are! Sigh.. I can’t wait to have kids of my own!

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