The Soloist

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In the passenger seat of the car, the driver seat taken by the love of her life, she sits exhausted. She shares silences with him and bits and pieces of random conversation when her eyes are open, but when her eyes are closed, even gently, she finds herself taken back into her past – which is several years back and several hours back all at different moments.

She remembers eating two massive stuffed black mushrooms at Gaucho Grill across from one of her favorite people in the world. She remembers talking about a book. What was it? Reading Lolita in Tehran. She remembers laughing so hard at something A said that she tripped in her new metallic gold heels on her way out. And she remembers telling the valet to read the book. Her eyes open.

They are about to go under a bridge. She tells her loved one about her days at the library. How she decided to dress down and kick back. From covering up to stripping down. From sitting on a chair to sitting on the tiles under a window. From heated discussion to silent reading. The gradual descend to this comfort created a strong bond. She loves him so much it hurts. That’s how she described it to her companion in the driver’s seat. In this case, she understood that phrase. Because that’s exactly how it felt. She closes her eyes again.

She remembers watching herself sitting on a window sill waving to her elder brother as he walked out of the fences of their mansion. Her eyes open as the car slows down. Something interrupts this flashback. There is an accident on the road. A man lying on the gravel. Neck and chest area covered in blood. She remembers another accident. She tells her companion about it. She can see it with her eyes open. A bus smashes into/runs over around a dozen motorcycles. The next morning, she wakes up in the foreign country. Picks up the foreign newspaper from outside her hotel room, and sees the picture. She cuts it out and puts it in her notebook. She recalls that she cried. She can’t really remember why.

She believes today is a good day. She read 147 pages of a good book, texted back and forth with T, discussed the pages she read, had good food, and a strange car ride home. And he was with her all along. That’s what matters. One more thing would make this day an even better one..

She reaches home and decides to write this very post. A post about that strange between the worlds-car-ride. She opens up her laptop, places it on her lap, and types away effortlessly..

22 Comments for “The Soloist”

  1. 1N.

    Intense, very intense. I can feel every word and I love it ;*

  2. 2Amethyst

    And I love you;*

  3. 3FourMe

    good to have her back :)
    she was sorely missed..

  4. 4Paul Squires

    That is a brilliant piece of writing.

  5. 5Amethyst

    She’s glad to be back since she misses you, too;*

    Paul Squires
    Thanks, Paul. Let’s hope for more to come;)

  6. 6Vinnie

    Wow, nice writing.. Fiction is nice :P

  7. 7Amethyst

    Why are you so sure that it’s fiction?

  8. 8Faith

    Ahhhhhhhhh you won’t believe the peace I felt while reading that. THANK YOU. no really.. THANK YOU.

  9. 9Amethyst

    You’re very welcome :)

  10. 10Vinnie

    well the ” :P ” at the end should indicate I was kidding ;)

  11. 11Amethyst

    So, does that mean you think it’s non-fiction?

  12. 12Vinnie

    You can say that was implied ;)

  13. 13Amethyst

    It’s neither. :)

  14. 14Vinnie

    No, it is One Or the Other *High Five’s self for the smart comment”

  15. 15Amethyst

    Don’t get too excited. You might want to take that back. :)

    “Nothing to me is one or the other. Actually nothing is just one thing. I am a big fan of deconstruction. A huge fan of deconstruction. And multiplicity. So, no, I don’t believe in one or the other. I believe that if I see something as one thing, you can see it as another.”

    Read the whole post at:

  16. 16vinnie

    The discussion already came as a pre-emptive to this discussion

  17. 17Amethyst

    Exactly. Had you read before you made the “smart comment,” you would know that;p

  18. 18Vinnie

    rub it in y dont u? :S

  19. 19Amethyst

    I rubbed it in enough;p

  20. 20Vinnie

    indeed u did :)

  21. 21F.

    Miss you.

  22. 22Amethyst

    I miss you more.

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