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So, I’m done. Soon, I’ll have a BA in English Literature. And I’m sitting here in my silk robe watching/hearing Grey’s in the background and eating a popsicle..

What next? I don’t know.. I just might go crazy with so much time on my hands!



I love that you were there for the last year. I’m so glad you were. I can’t imagine what it would have been like without you to come home for/to. I know you’re proud, and I love you baby;*

My jam3a buddies, Hanan. F. Phawaz. Angel. Sou. Hussain. Aj. Nu. Enchanteurs. JB. Dana. and everyone else..

I really couldn’t have done it without you guys. Love all the crazy times. I don’t know how you put up with my bitching about classes! Love you loads!;*

The rest who don’t have blogs and don’t really read mine:

Mom, Daddy, my bros.. You guys made it harder for me to get through it all. I had to do my work and yours, but doing your work gave me a break from doing mine.. so it worked out fine.

My two besties, Haj and H.H.

Nothing to say other than I’m grateful for your existence!;*

I terminated my gym subscription this week, and I miss spinning!;(

I love that class! It is the perfect exercise. You exercise your whole body and have fun at the same time. I’m actually thinking about buying two spinning bikes and forcing the hubsand into spinning with me. Hmm.. Okay, too many evil thoughts there!

But seriously, everyone has to give it a shot!

Enough for now.. I’m rusty on writing posts..

11 Comments for “Superman <3”

  1. 1N.

    Testahlain kel khair, o 3al baraka el takharuj 7abebti:*

  2. 2FourMe

    Mabrook babe :** loved the strip hehe zain eysawi feha!

  3. 3G

    Congratulation on your graduation ^^

  4. 4journal entries

    mabroooook il takharuj! =)

  5. 5Amethyst

    Allah ybarek feek baby;*


    Hehe, I know!

    Thank you:)

    journal entries
    Allah ybarek feech!;D

  6. 6eshda3wa

    Imbarak 3alaich elshahar

    oo alf alf mabrook eltakharoj babe :**

  7. 7Moos

    Congratulations on your graduations! w inshallah el faal le3yalich w 3eyal 3eyalich w 3eyalhom w Hussain!

    Hope you get a job that you like :-)

  8. 8HAJ

    I loooove you 3awashwash!
    And spinning IS AWSOME!!!! ;p

  9. 9Vixen

    why is everyone getting rusty?

    and congrats!

  10. 10Sou

    I heart you. I heart you. I FREAKING HEART YOU, WOMAN! :*******

  11. 11Amethyst

    Allah ybarek feech;*

    Thanks! And LOL! He’ll be done soon.. That, or he’ll grow up to molest the college kids;p

    I love you more;*

    It is! I miss it;(

    I have no idea..


    I heart you more!;*

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