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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomicCyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Today’s topic: Trauma (I have a professor who pronounces it trawma)

It’s been around two years since I started driving, and I never had an accident.. until a few weeks ago. Two accidents in ten days.

Accident 1:

Trying to find a parking spot before class. A girl reversed on me. I talked to her and told her to call her family and suggested that she take her stuff out of the trunk which is now gone. Keep in mind that I drive an SUV, and her car was a Corolla.

After I called Dad (to ask where daftar elsayara is), N. (for comfort), and 777 (to come document the accident), I went to talk to the girl again, and she yelled at me: ENTAY MA ETSHOUFEEN?! SHLOUN MESRE3A CHETHI W DA3MATNI?! MA TESTI7EEN 3ALA WAYHECH? 7ADICH GHAL6ANA MN REELECH LA RASECH! etc. I ignored her, walked away, and locked myself in my car. A while later, her sister knocked on my window. I lowered it.

Her: Entay eli sayga?

Me: Yeah..


Me: ;O (closed window)

Went to the makhfar, and they determined that she was mistaken.

Accident 2

The day after I got my car back resulting from damages done by Accident 1, I left the Shwaikh campus and got stuck at a roundabout. I’m on the rightmost lane, and right next to me is a big truck carrying a container from the port. The cars weren’t moving, but as soon as the car in front of the truck moved, the driver decided to turn. Where would I go? Can’t go over the pavement since my tires were already too close. I beeped my horn, but he kept turning and smashed my side view mirror. I beeped my horn and signaled to him in the mirror not to keep going. He did anyway, and smashed my car. I thought I was going to die. He left.

The hysteria checked in seconds later. A guy came 30 minutes later to tell me that he stopped the truck and got the information. The makhfar were idiots. They didn’t even attempt finding the guy.

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  1. 1N.

    Salamat 3omri :* I really don’t like the system here.. but what I do like is how random people are very helpful sometimes, it really gives you hope that there are some good people out there

  2. 2amethystos

    Allah ysalmek;*

    Yeah, true. I gave up hope in those 30 minutes before the guy came.

  3. 3zuz

    so2aaaaaal!!! why did you ignore that girl?!!!! lo ana menech chan shota!! box ay shay!! omg!!!!!!! wai ana 3a9abt:O!

  4. 4OpeRon®

    Accident # 1 : They’re IDIOTS
    Accident # 2 : Happens all the time

    overall.. the rate of your accidents doesn’t determine how good of a driver u r .. it is the rate of close calls you escape from that determines.. I haven’t had an accident for a long time driving but then.. about a month or two ago, I hit a walking lady “I actually posted about it” .. So yea, it is bound to happen sooner or later anyhow .. everybody has got to hit someone .. so keep ur eyes open :)

    P.S. if I were you, I wouldn’t have played the decent gal .. I would have got out of the car & gave’em a piece of my mind ..the @(&@#^&*^@*

  5. 5big pearls

    salamat..wallah ma testahlain

  6. 6FourMe

    kha6ach esow… is that idiotic girl and her sister for real?? mama egray elm3wthat gabil la t6l3een mn elbait w samay bra7maan.. alah y7afthich :*

  7. 7do0da

    Yea a few months back my sis was hit by a bus who sped off, they kept saying they cant find the bus o ma3rfeen shino for two weeks, in the end my uncle ra7 7ag the bus company and they said ina the bus driver panicked bes once he got back to his senses he went reported the accident later on that day. So ’3air ina lafait min ma5far lay ma5far cuz they were confused about who’s jurisdiction it fell under and cause well ma7ad idawim, they cant find a bus which came and confessed to them. I had to call and arrange with a worker in KGL to meet him up 3ind ’3orfat ilmu7aqiq. La o l7mar ilmu7aqiq was glad to take full credit for finding him. I mean its hard not to find him when im walking him straight into ur office -_-

  8. 8mariana

    If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. everyone would be mummery flummery, everything would have meaningless mean, no one will crash, everything will Fiddle the Faddle and the fala-la frog.

  9. 9G

    Ma chofeech shar, the good part is that you ignored the girl, walla mo metrabya. the other guy there is a solution >:)

  10. 10amethystos

    I don’t like raising my voice in anger. I feel like it doesn’t solve anything, and it makes me feel crazy;p

    I read that post! It was disturbing;p

    I can’t yell or anything. Read reply to comment above;p

    Big Pearls
    Allah ysalmech, it’s so nice to have you back;*

    They’re for real! They were so freakin’ rude!


    I had to go to the same makhfar in both cases, and I hate it there! The mu7aqeqeen bullshit to keep me from complaining;\

    Too bad that’s not the case though..

    Elshar mayeek.

    Khal etwali;\

    Hehe, I’m not that evil;p

  11. 11ma6goog

    shall i feel guilty if i only chek the images and dont read the txt?

  12. 12mariana

    Sorry I did not understood, maybe this is better (and the worst is that is true, it happend just before t he album came out)

    In the next world war
    in a jack knifed juggernaut,
    I am born again.
    In the neon sign,
    scrolling up and down,
    I am born again.
    In an interstellar burst,
    I am back to save the universe.
    In a deep deep sleep,
    of the innocent,
    I am born again.
    In a fast German car,
    I’m amazed that I survived,
    an airbag saved my life.
    In an interstellar burst,
    I am back to save the universe.

  13. 13do0da

    if u really want that truck driver u gota send some1 to find him urself :P

  14. 14Manutdfanatic

    The first two girls were plain moron-material. I’d say morons, but I don’t have enough evidence to support that claim. ;p

    At the end of the day, you’re okay sweetie. That’s what should really matter. :)

  15. 15Cooookiez

    1480 was a leap year

    just felt like saying it;/

  16. 16amethystos

    Nope, it’s a free world.

    Depends on how you look at it :)

    I actually considered that.

    Hehe, they were plain rude.

    True. I’m very thankful.

    If only you knew why it’s the title;p

  17. 17F.

    Salamaat o matshoofeen shar dear. ;*

  18. 18amethystos

    Allah ysalmech;*

  19. 19outkasty

    ufufufuf kha6aach issow yaM3aawdaa

  20. 20amethystos

    Kha6ach elash;*

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