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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

I have a lot to say. I’m trying to figure out how to post. Do I divide into honeymoon, Dubai Literature Festival, and random stuff? Or do I just go ahead and put everything here in one long post?

While I figure that out, I have some news for unknown. Your comments for the “Cartier” post were held up in spam. They are now published and replied to.

Okay, so I’m dividing. Honeymoon first.

Just so you know, the Honeymoon time span included my birthday, N.’s birthday, and Valentines Day. Oh, and if anyone goes to Salzburg, you have to go try the Lasagna at Trattoria Gabriella in City Center near the Hautbanhof train station. It’s the best lasagna we’ve ever had in our lives! I’m serious. It’s that good. Their Sacher Tarte is overrated. Don’t listen to their evil talk about it. My favorite place would be Salzburg’s Old Town. Enough talk? Pictures?

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  1. 1G

    NIce :D Ya Austria is amazing ^^ it is cool to have 3 Celebrations in the same month :P I wish ya all the best ^^

  2. 2amethystos

    It is! Thanks :)

  3. 3Sou

    Aww! That photo of your breakfast is adorable!!

    Yallah, post about Dubai next! (Oh, may you please e-mail me the picture of Anita Nair and I? Merci, merci.) :)

  4. 4amethystos

    Lol :D

    Will do! Sure;*

  5. 5Sou

    Merci kteer. (That’s the new trend around the office btw: “merci kteer”; 3ashan tekouni 3arfa bas.) :D

  6. 6amethystos

    Lol, because?

  7. 7journal entries

    loved the pics!

  8. 8amethystos

    journal entries
    I’m glad!

  9. 9Sou

    Because I’ve infected everyone with my pretentiousness, of course!

  10. 10F.

    Nice. Lovely pictures. Thanks for sharing.

    You went to Dubai LitFest too? I keep forgetting who went and who didn’t.

  11. 11amethystos



    Yeah, but not with the gang. I went alone with the hubsand and met up with them there:)

  12. 12ZoN

    great stuff.. well done :)

  13. 13Sou

    WOMAN, THE PICTURE! You sent me a forward, and not the picture! What the blooming heck is wrong with you? :p

  14. 14amethystos

    ZoN :)

    Can’t get off my ass and charge the camera so that I can upload the pictures;p

  15. 15do0da

    that 9/11 comic reminded me of my friend in our recent trip :P ri7na game manu and they lost 4-1 hes the manu fan so 7asha a mini depression after the game o for the rest of the day kil ma i suggest something might be bad he’d be like its not going to be as bad as traveling to a match this big and watching ur team lose 4-1? is it going to be that bad? i doubt it cuz nothing is that bad mi7sin so if u wana try it that thing 3adi, my day is as bad as can be i doubt that will mess it up :p

  16. 16amethystos

    Lol, that’s sad!

  17. 17Amu

    Enjoy it :) and the breakfast pic looks yummy…

  18. 18amethystos

    Enjoyed it, and it was yummy!

  19. 19Sou


  20. 20amethystos

    “I don’t like women. They complain.”

  21. 21eshda3wa

    looks beautiful !

    3alaikom bel3afya :*

  22. 22amethystos

    It was!

    Allah y3afeech;*

  23. 23vinniecorp

    Happy birthday both :D Vienna looks awesome but my favorite is the breakfast ;;)

  24. 24Sou

    She makes it so easy to not like her!

  25. 25amethystos


    Hehe, you should go;)

    It’s the rudeness;\

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