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I wake in the other morning, and I start thinking. I don’t know when I get into this mood if my thoughts/internal discussions are ridiculous or deep. So, this is one of those mornings when I go into a trance and think weird stuff.
How do you know that red to other people is the red you see? I mean: I can see the color red, and I call it red. Other people’s red could be different from mine. Their red could be my green. So, how come we are so sure that we all see the same colors and call them the same names?

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  1. 1arch96madi

    i asked this question to every person i ever knew… never got a logical answer.. i even asked docotorna il phsycology.. ma rad.. ma a’6ani faham il so2al a9lan… i know washawash.. this is like the craziest thing ever.. maybe ive been taught since i was a kid that a certain color is called red bs bil 9ij wat is red to me is yellow to u.. bs we r taught to call it the same name:p.. hehe therefore, if wut u and me r sayin is true, then we c two completely different worlds,,,, :p hmmmm whos world is hotter?????
    luv u CHAJS

  2. 2Amethyst

    Wala mara sa2alteni! We could have made up a sexy theory;p

    Your psychology professor is a nutcase. I don’t think he’s qualified to be asked that question.

    I want an answer;\

    My world is hotter;D

  3. 3chika

    Hmm, RED is Black to me right now :/
    it’s something in the air

  4. 4nQ *Inanna Nino's Wiener


  5. 5kila ma6goog


  6. 6Soud

    بدينا بالفلسفه ، اذا قرائه كتاب واحد يسوى فيج جذيه شراح تسوين اذا قريتى جم كتاب :P

  7. 7Amethyst

    Is it?


    Kila Ma6goog
    I want an answer, but I don’t think we can know;\

    Allah ysam7ek;p

    La mn seji kela as2al hl su2al. Abi a3aref!

  8. 8N.

    hmmmmmmmmm where is my comment! ;/ I know I commented or was I just dreaming. I know it was late at night, and I was so into the song you had on. I love the song you put up because last night was the first time I blog at home in a long time and I always have the sound off at work! I love the song, it rocks, you rock, this topic rocks, Poshlust rocks!

    We have thought of this before, my cousins and I but we couldn’t come to an answer. When I think of it now, if you convert the colors to black and white, they should become a gradient of some type right. This at least sets a standard. If colors are different then so would the idea of brightness and darkness, don’t you think so.

  9. 9Amethyst

    You were probably high on the fact that you were blogging at home after a long time. I’m flattered. Thank you. *takes a bow*

    That’a a good theory. They should set the standard. Hmmm… Yes, I do think so.

    Best answer I have so far:)

  10. 10haj

    everyone sees everything in a different way. its like a metaphor. people see different colors.. its the same color its just different views or names they call it… but thats a hard question that needs thinking.
    I believe that people already do view things differently and in contrast to what others think..colors is the same story because its what you were taught from the beginning that sort of sticks with you

  11. 11Amethyst

    But aren’t we all taught the same thing?

  12. 123baid

    You just have to assume we all see the same thing.

  13. 13The Simper

    check what they do if they are the first car at the trafic light ;) ?

  14. 14Zed

    i’m confused

  15. 15Amethyst

    That’s not fun;\

    The Simper
    Yes, but they are taught that whatever color light they see is the one they should go or stop at. For example, if their red is blue, they call it red, and red means stop.

    Are you sure that the red you see is the same as the red your friend sees? Could he be seeing your green and calling it red?

  16. 16Speedo

    too much red!!!

  17. 17Amethyst

    Visualize, make the red whatever color you like. That is, if you see the same red I see and not my blue or green;)

  18. 18haj

    we are all taught the same thing, but no one notices that we see different things!
    madre .. ;p

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