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[Update: The title has nothing to do with the post.]

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She sits on her reading chair. Breathing nervously into her phone. Typing distractedly on her laptop. Heart beating frantically at the sounds and silences wafting up from right underneath her feet. Her mind’s mental gears are clanking from the intensity of her thoughts. She worries in a good way. If there is such a thing.

She can’t eavesdrop. Last time, she sat on the stairs. This time, anyone could come in through the door right in front of the stairs. She wants to eavesdrop. She doesn’t care that it’s immoral. It’s not when it concerns you. When it’s your parents discussing how you’ve shut them off with you independence, for example. Or so she thinks. So she believes.

She takes a deep breath every time she realizes that she hasn’t breathed in a while. To take her mind off things, she goes through a list of numbers. Trying to make the right appointment for the right day. She’s confused and hesitant. Not concerning the appointment. But the chaos downstairs.

Finally, she is called downstairs. She smiles through her tears. Through hugs and handshakes and light-hearted jokes. She sits and listens. Glad that everything went well. She’s put at ease. Gradually getting more and more sure that this is the right choice.

A night later, she realizes that there is no happiness without hurting others. Others who are of much importance. Who wanted what she has now. Perhaps with her.. or someone else. She knows now. This is how it works. But once everything is sealed. She will learn some more. It is time she put herself before others. To be considerate of her own emotions. To live her own happiness. To make sure that she puts into practice her ability to love unconditionally. She cries. As if to get rid of all the negativity.

Then she smiles at the thought of being with him.

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  1. 1ZoN

    i hope u feel better soon.
    w 3a’9am allah ajirkom enshllah.

  2. 2amethystos

    I feel fine.

    Ajerna w ajrek

    Btw, my titles have nothing to do with my post :)

  3. 33anooda

    LOOOL minu mat??

  4. 4amethystos

    My mom’s cousin.

    What’s funny?

  5. 5ZoN

    tara u always do that.. u put a title that is completely NOT related to the topic.. may9eer chethi et3alqeni!! :@

    good then bs haman feel more fine, eshwarana e7na!

  6. 6amethystos

    I know. It’s easier. I type in whatever comes to mind in the Title bar w khalas;p

  7. 7Amu

    Sorry for your loss… Allah yer7ama

  8. 8amethystos

    Allah yer7amha*

  9. 9big pearls

    3atham allah ojorkom

  10. 10amethystos

    big pearls
    Ajerna w ajrech

  11. 11Meemzz

    3atham allah ajrich!!

  12. 12amethystos

    Ajerna w ajrich

  13. 13PaLoMiNo

    Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii I’m so happy for her!!!!!!!!!!:)

    i wana be with him also!!!

    Not him as him… But with my him ;p u know who!!



    P.S. alla yer7amha o eyghmed ro7a il yana

  14. 14Hning

    Whoever is the “she” that you’re writing about, I want to pass on my congratulations to her.

    Then I want to congratulate you for the impeccable writing.

    Astounding, I tell ya.

    Hope you and the reluctantly-joyful She you’re writing about have a blessed Lebaran Day


  15. 15amethystos

    Inshallah allah yjademlech eli fi elkhair;*


    Thank you

    Again..Thank you :)

    And again.. Thank you! :D

    Cheers, hehe!

  16. 16eshda3wa

    3atham allah ajrech 3ala ur moms cousin

    oo 3eedich imbarak

  17. 17do0da

    3atham ala ajrich

    I long for a happy post with no crying :P

    ud be surprised how far a person can get with a problem free philosophy

    *yes i do knw i just quoted lion king*

  18. 18F.

    3atham Allah ajrich ;*

    Is this fiction…


  19. 19amethystos

    Ajerna w ajrich

    Ayamech sa3eeda :)

    Ajerna w ajrek

    Lol, soon soon ;)


    Ajerna w ajrich;*


  20. 20Lili3

    I wish I can have the choice you chose, and really put myself in before of others for my own happiness, I really wish I can but its hard :)

  21. 21Lili3

    Opps sorry just change all the yous to shes LOL sorry ^^;;

  22. 22amethystos

    It is hard, but you’ll learn to go ahead and do it as you grow older and making decisions gets harder:)

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