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Once upon a time, there was a serial killer who found immense pleasure in murdering little kids.

How come fairy tales never start this way?

That was part of a long inanimate thinking session. Anyway, I’ve made it pretty clear that I don’t like fairy tales (unless they’re Hans Christian Andersen’s) in previous posts. So, no more will be said about that.

However, I was talking to our housemate yesterday while making a very easy soup (yes, I cook now.. Bite me), and she was saying that she didn’t like fairy tales as a kid as well. That makes me less weird. It does. Really. Well, at least I have the comforting thought that Do0da will always be there to beat my strange ways.

I can tell that I’m rambling, but I don’t care. I’ll just keep going.

Who doesn’t have a thing for karshas? Not your own karsha, of course, but other people’s karshas. I have a belly-poking fetish. I like to rest my head on my brother/mother/father’s belly after a long day. I think they’re cute.. and useful.

My next post might be about religion. There’s only a handful of people that I’m comfortable with talking about religion with, and it seems like I’m losing two. So, yeah.. I have to let it out somewhere. And since I still don’t care if you judge me, why not Poshlust?

I’m being very sentimental these days. I’m usually not okay with it, but I like it this time. I think it’s because it makes me feel better knowing that letting things out is safe.

I shortened my bangs the other day. My hair frames my face more. And surprisingly, I’m brushing it. Don’t ask why. I guess it’s part of being in bed for twelve hours: you wake up, and you feel like doing something productive. Isn’t brushing your hair productive? It looks.. cleaner? Hey, at least my mom’s happy.

Blasphemy. I don’t feel like typing anymore.

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  1. 1archer612

    looool :P Aham shay the karsha-poking fetish. ;)

    Talking about religion.. interesting.. this is a big step..

    Yup, letting things out is safe. But only when it is done around the right people.

    Na3eeman ;) lol.. how’s sleeping with those bangs? :p~

  2. 2archer612

    Oh and, I’m FIRST! :D and second! Nyahahaha :p

  3. 3amethystos

    Hehe, yeah. I’ll be after you soon :P

    It is.

    That’s why it’s safe. I’ve found the right people. :)

    Allah yen3am eb7alek. It’s good, hehe. They don’t annoy my eyes;p

    Second, to me, is better than first ;)

  4. 4Purgatory

    Why do you call her housemate?

  5. 5Balqees

    gairytails don’t start like that coz well dear coz it should be happy and for kids
    and i don’t like fairytails i thik its a bunch of crap something F’ed up dude did
    m3leh no one is THATS happy

    i’m starting to like my own karshah , well u know since i’m fat now so i have to like it
    wanna check it out y3jbk :P

    i love not brushing my hair it geet all wavey and yaay
    and yes brushing ur hair is somhting productive its takes effort and time

  6. 6big pearls

    ma a7eb karshas:p

  7. 7Ruby Woo

    ur talking about brushing as in seshwar?

    i love bangs but they’re require high maintenance!

  8. 8Ruby Woo


  9. 9amethystos

    What else would I call her?

    So, we should tell kids that the world is all pretty with happy endings only?

    Hehe, I’m sure I’d love it;p

    Yeah, I don’t brush my hair much;\

    big pearls
    I do, but not on my hubby if I get one;p

    Ruby Woo
    No, brushing as in comb/brush;p

    Mine don’t. I don’t think I’ve ever not had bangs!

  10. 10journal entry

    resting ur head on a karsha and hearing whats going on inside can sometimes be fun!
    but i don’t like them!

  11. 11amethystos

    Journal Entry
    It’s always fun! :P

  12. 12Frogman

    fairy tales are alright because they serve a very specific purpose.. because, realistically if all cartoons started like the one you started your post with, we would have a whole generation of Hitlers walking among us telling us to kill everyone..

    and yes karshas are awesome on dad’s… a dad without a karsh just doesn’t work…

    and the religion talking step is a very hard one.. and one that you have to maintain to keep going.. it takes a lot of confidence.. and i applaud you for taking it..

    and yeah.. na3eeman

  13. 13amethystos

    I’m not saying that they should start this way. Why have them to start with? And we wouldn’t have a generation of Hitlers, because the serial killer would be the wicked witch or whatever.

    Hehe, my dad’s karsha isn’t as fun as my mom’s or bro’s though :P

    Thanks. Let’s see how it goes. It’ll probably be a one time thing if I decide to go ahead and do it. :)

    Allah yen3am b7alek

  14. 14brokesaudi

    I could never finish those huge colorful lollipops on my own, but I liked how it made my chin sticky. Yes, I was a messy eater (licker?) . Looking forward to your post on religion, shock us please.

  15. 15amethystos

    I never ate any of those. They didn’t appeal to me.

    I may fail to do so..

  16. 16plastic

    I like you when you’re rambling and semi pissed off .

  17. 17amethystos

    I’m sure there’ll be more of that.

  18. 18Aurous

    I didn’t like fairy tales either :)

    and LOL 3la el.karsha thing, it’s so true

  19. 19amethystos

    Good for you, sara7a!

    Hehe, I know :P

  20. 20vixenfatale

    I love karshas on men! I really don’t fancy flat stomachs :D

    what kind of easy soup? made from scratch or soup in a cup

    talk about religion. We will judge you , that’s what we’re here for : P

  21. 21amethystos

    I do, but not if he’s my man :P

    Not in a cup, and not from scratch. It’s a mushroom soup. You want the recipe?

    Hehe, I won’t care;p

  22. 22do0da

    Oh the fairy tale post was a lovely post =P

    I think this is the first time some1 considers my strange ways a comfort ! But rest assured they wont be gone any time soon.

  23. 23Noufa

    I think people who don’t like fairytale are mantels, sorry but yeah. i’m fucking 20 and i still think Neverland is out there..i think that would make mental too? anyway, I’m pro fairytales, we need to give hope to our kids and then when they face reality they’ll get fucked and that would toughen them up, no?

    Karsha makes wanna throw up ;s when ever i see a huge belly i think of Oprah’s show where that turkish Dr. showed how fat looks like. ee3

    you’ve never expressed any religious views in here, right? well, i can’t wait :)

  24. 24cooookies

    i guess that just makes u more realistic

    post on relegion u say?! hmm cookiez hands u the mic. on the double :p

  25. 25Amu

    I like to rest my head on a karsha and hear whats going on inside…

  26. 26amethystos

    Lol, I recall;p

    They won’t. I won’t go with you to get our heads checked until I’m thoroughly bored of them :P

    You don’t have to apologize. That’s your point of view. I do go through the Neverland syndrome. It’s not foreign to me. But I don’t think we should give our kids a hope that isn’t realistic. Can’t we just tell them stories about change and what have you? Something as fascinating as fairytales but without the unbelievable happy endings and stereotypes.

    Yeah, I remember that show. But they serve a lot of purposes;p

    No, I haven’t, but I think it’s time I let out the bottled up anger.

    Possibly :)


    It calms me down.

  27. 27N.

    That comic is so sad :(

  28. 28amethystos

    Hehe, really? The boy is just stupid :P

  29. 29F.

    I don’t like karshas…
    It’s great that you comb your hair now :) I’m trying to get my sister to do the same…to no avail yet. But we’ll see!!!

  30. 30amethystos

    I love them;p

    Hehe, ee my mom is just so proud! :P

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