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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

She walks into the big hall in her new short sleeved mid calf flowy cream dress with lavender embroidery. She has styled her hair like Aphrodite would, and so, her big lavender stud earrings twinkle as they catch the light. She makes sure her flats are tied right above her ankles. She puts on a smile and starts greeting and smiling at people, only asking about their lives if they matter. She sits among them, taking a tall glass of ice cold water from the server’s tray. She knows what’s coming: small talk and the torture of fake smiles.

As she alternately crosses her legs, she nods her head at the right moment, allowing everything she hears to seep out of her mind at the right moment. She has to be aware of when the conversation moves onto another topic. At times, she says nothing and puts on an expressionless face. She doesn’t want to argue with old women about sensitive topics. She is angered by their mentality, but she says nothing. She is not going to lead a debate because it won’t be a debate. It’ll be a speech. One that will appall.

She makes a move to get up and head to the mirrors where she will supposedly freshen up, when the truth is, she needs a break from her act and their hypocrisy. She faces the mirror and pats at her hairdo while she is joined by another lady. A familiar nameless face.

Nameless: You’ve grown up into a beautiful lady!

Her: Thank you :)

Nameless: The suitors must be piling at the door of your house.

Her: Not so much. It’s too soon.

Nameless: Well, inshallah they will stay there until the time is right for you.

Her: Hehe, kind of you.

She smiles and turns on her heel abruptly to avoid the prying that is to come. She joins the gathering again and sits through more small talk and a bit of gossip. Why do they care so much about others? Some of the people they’re talking about don’t know they exist. She keeps her mouth shut and face deadpan as they take part in discussing the latest news and rumors. She locks eyes with her mom. Let’s go. Her mom looks at her watch and looks at her. It’s not time yet. We’re partially hosting this. We have to stay.

And so she stays. Smiling at times and expressionless at others. Until she leaves. Mentally exhausted because of all the listening and thinking she had to do. Observing everyone. Just observing. She thanks God she’s not part of that world. She’d rather put up with it for her aunt’s sake than take part in it.

Muffy Cake Booth

Movenpick Hotel Shwaikh

Convention Center

4th-10th Spetember 2008

After Maghreb Prayer

Come Indulge!

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  1. 1N.

    While reading I can hear faint classical music in the background, and only masks would make this gathering complete… or maybe I’m getting in too deep

  2. 2amethystos

    No, you’re right. She doesn’t like wearing a mask at all, but sometimes, she has to.

  3. 3ZoN

    well written :)
    i hate these kind of ppl, why dont everyone mind their own business :@
    great job amethyst

  4. 4amethystos

    Thanks :)

    Because their business is not as interesting as other people’s..

  5. 5FourMe

    Buuuuuuurn hehe :p now little missy why haven’t you accepted your invite yet!!

  6. 6amethystos

    Lol! I miss you!

    I did;\ Send it again, please;\

  7. 7Amu

    Why cant people mind their own business??

  8. 8amethystos

    Like I told ZoN, other people’s business is more interesting than theirs..

  9. 9purelyorchid

    I think that people are more interested in others business becasue it makes them feel better to know that other people have problems as well…

  10. 10Bow n Arrow

    Mabrook 3ala the enrollment in whatever class it is you’ve enrolled in.

    Comic # 1: funny! :p
    Comic # 2: I don’t get it :/

    Not one of your finest work, but, how can I NOT love it.

    There’s one line that hurt too much to read :

    “in her new short sleeved mid calf flowy cream dress with lavender embroidery.”

    Too much detail for my taste. And I don’t think “flowy” is a proper derivation. :p

  11. 11big pearls

    muffy cake..yabeeelah:p

  12. 12amethystos

    If they’re mature enough, they should know without nosing around that everyone has problems of their own :)

    Bow n Arrow
    Thanks, all of them :D

    Mu ela :P

    Of course not, I have my faves :)

    Hehe, I don’t write to satisfy your taste ;)

    Big Pearls
    Go ahead, bel3afya :D

  13. 13do0da

    i hate hate hate small talk. Ma7ib formal gatherings.

    as for the movie lazim agol :P how bout u take a guess ? Hints are:

    >The movie came out in 2007 ( 2008 in kuwait thou :P )
    >Movie is based on a real story
    >Main actor is alot wilder than me, as much as i would love to do wat he did i dont think its remotely possible
    >Dude has a seen where he talks to the apple he’s eating :p
    >He has a lovely Henry David Thoreau quote which ive paraphrased throughout my life w/o knwing it was a Thoreau quote.

  14. 14amethystos

    Me neither :\

    Hmm.. More hints please!

  15. 15do0da

    LOL :P akthar min chithi


    > Movie was directed by one of my fav actors, said actor played as a beatles obsessed retard

    > Vince Vaughn had a smallish role in this movie

    > and to give it away even further; the quote mentioned above is Rather than love, than money, than fame, give me truth.

  16. 16amethystos

    I got it from the Vince Vaugh hint :)

  17. 17do0da

    what is it :P ?

  18. 18amethystos

    Into The Wild
    “…and you’re a superapple!”

  19. 19do0da

    LOL :P i love that part figured if uve seen the movie the apple scene would be slightly memorable :P

    Have you seen it 3ad ? Pretty good movie

  20. 20Enchantuer

    aaaaaah a typical kuwaiti gathering ;p FUN!

  21. 21amethystos

    No, but I keep saying that I will :P I have it in the pile right next to me!

    Lol, not! :P

  22. 22eulalia

    omg just add my name to this story and that would be me. I get mentally exhausted from these gatherings.

  23. 23archer612

    Then why DO you write? What’s the point of keeping your comments open?

  24. 24yawarakai

    i miss home so much.. i don’t miss the gatherings of random people who care about details in your life for entertainment purposes when mostly, u dont even know their names.. very well written..

  25. 25Aurous

    I feel so sorry for her!
    Formal gatherings and small talks are truly mental torture.. to some people :)

  26. 26amethystos

    I know the feeling;\

    I write for myself. Everything I’ve ever written has a bit of me in it. What I write about has affected me in some way. I need to express that effect.

    I keep my comments open because this is my blog, and I believe in a free world. Yes, my readers are welcome to comment on my writing, but they should keep in mind that Poshlust is my outlet before becoming their source of entertainment.

    Thanks :)

    You’d be surprised how many enjoy it!

  27. 27F.

    Yay! Amethyst is definately back and doing what she does best.

    Loved it.

    Comic #2 Love.

  28. 28amethystos

    Hehe, I promise there’s more to come :)

    Miss you;*

  29. 29do0da

    5ala9 if u ever get round to actually watching it, leme knw what u think

  30. 30eshda3wa

    was that abt me?
    cz it could have come right out of my life!

  31. 31Hussain

    I love it. You’re awesome. Seriously awesome. I love how you manage to encapsulate the feelings of the girl and the mixed emotions of everyone in the hall and blend them all together so concisely. Adorable. And you love me :*

  32. 32amethystos

    Will do :)

    Hehe, I’m glad many readers can related to this! :D

    I know.
    I’m glad.
    I know.
    No, I don’t;*

  33. 33iRise

    I hate it when you HAVE to be surrounded by people that are nothing like you.

  34. 34amethystos

    It depends on how they are different :)

  35. 35Rawr

    Enjoyed reading that, its everyones reality… we all put up with it even though we dont like it.

  36. 36lone.rangeress.63

    it was as if u were observing me in one of the previous get togethers that i attended (not all carry out this same vibe though)…

    descriptive, real writing…

  37. 37Jester

    dammit i missed the Muffy Cake Booth !!

  38. 38amethystos

    Yeah :)

    I might’ve been doing just that :)


    You can always check out the menu at the old Poshlust :)

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