Henry VIII

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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

I’m back. I miss Poshlust. I wanted to post yesterday, but I was too tired. I only got online twice since I left, so my Google Reader had 370 something updates. It took me a while going through them.

Anyway, I had a good time. England is definitely an option for coming trips. The museums, cathedrals, art galleries, and theatres are just overwhelming. I came back with 25+ books. Everything is banned here, so I went crazy there. My Library has been updated. Again, you’re free to borrow if I personally know you. Pictures from the trip next post because I don’t feel like uploading them now;p

What else? Oh, yeah.. Anyone care to add an image for the following meager gallery:

By Cat

By OutOfReach

I have to add one more of those:

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

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  1. 1manutdfanatic

    Welcome back. Overwhelming indeed; which city did you visit?

    My own library went through a massive update phase; pity I STILL didn’t get around to reading.. What titles did you bring back?

    I’d add to the gallery except I don’t actually know what you look like. ;p

  2. 2amethystos

    Canterbury, Kent and London.

    Hehe, there is no way I’m going to list them here. Check out the My Library page :)

    They don’t either. It’s just how they see me from what they read on Poshlust. Give it a shot if you like.

  3. 3manutdfanatic

    E-mail me your e-mail.

  4. 4big pearls

    welcome back, you have been greatly missed:)

  5. 5amethystos

    Done :)

    Big Pearls

    I missed you, too!

  6. 6i

    Welcome back.

  7. 7amethystos


  8. 8archer612


    I can’t believe you’re back! missed you so much! LOL 3ala the pics :p~

  9. 9amethystos


    I miss you more!

    Hehe, sheft shloun?;p

  10. 10N.

    Welcome back..

    MAshallah 25 books, I do love to buy books when I travel too.. but I NEVER get around to read them =p I have so many on the to-read list.

  11. 11amethystos


    Hehe, you should have a special time for reading, like before you go to bed or after lunch.

    Or you could get someone to read for you ;)

  12. 12i

    how many books do you have? the total number….. im sorry too lazy to count the titles in the post ;p

  13. 13journal entry

    welcome back i’ve really missed u! =*

  14. 14eshda3wa

    7mdela 3al salamah !!

  15. 15Ruby Woo

    LOOL #2

    oh 7amdela 3al salama ;)

  16. 16Rawr

    You have been missed!
    England is amaziiing! You shoulda have told me you were coming woulda givin you a proper tour of London :P
    Did you go to the London museume? Its cool and the british museume? And the London dungeons? What about the tower of London?!

    Tell us, tell us!

  17. 17do0da

    did my comment post ? mali 5ilg i write it again :r

    gilnalich wordpress sucks :P

  18. 18amethystos

    I never counted :)

    Journal Entry
    Thanks, I missed you, too;*

    Allah ysalmech;D

    Ruby Woo
    Hehe, allah ysalmech :)

    I was in London for 5 days only. I barely managed to slip in The Globe along with the Shakespeare Exhibition and the Tate Modern Art. I had to go to Madame Tussaud’s, too;p

    I’ll visit those on my next trip inshallah :)

    La, it didn’t post. Stop complaining about WordPress, and write again la kaf 3ala wayhek el la6eef;p

  19. 19Amu

    WB..glad you had some great time there :)

  20. 20F.

    Missed you.
    Ew at the second comic strip.
    Missed you!!!

  21. 21amethystos

    Thanks :)


    Miss you, too!

    Hehe, I know;p

  22. 22Aurous

    welcome back :)
    & el7mdella 3assalamah ^_^

  23. 23Silver

    yaaaaaaaay UR BACK! :D 7mdila 3al salama:**

  24. 24do0da

    ashof ga3da it7awleen itratheena by putting 3 comics on in one post il have u knw its actually working :r

    *my previous comment was something along those lines, its not that i didnt feel like re-writing it its just that i couldnt pass another chance at taking a swipe at wordpress cuz u knw wordpress sucks :p *

  25. 25Enchantuer

    welcome baaaaack :D

  26. 26Noufa

    welcome back. i didn’t know you went to wordpress until i visited your blog spot ;/ (sellout :P )

    I think you look a lot like Alanis Morissette back when she had that long messy black hair but yours might be more brownish , don’t ask why.

    and btw i think it’s awesome that you chose to “hit” all the museums, cathedrals..etc not like most airhead kuwaiti girls who choose Harrods..e7m :P

  27. 27purelyorchid

    glad you had a good time! can’t wait for the pictures?… what books did u get please do tell;p

  28. 28purelyorchid

    I don’t know why there is a question mark after pictures… hehe sorry;p

  29. 29amethystos

    Thanks, allah ysalmech :)

    Allah ysalmech;*

    Lol! That’ll last then ;)

    Hehe, wedi asadeg;p

    Thanks :)


    Uumm.. I’ll add a pic of her to the gallery without commenting :P

    Hehe, thanks :)

    Thanks :)

    Check out My Library!

    No apologies here, btw ;)

  30. 30KTDP

    that baloon animal thing is AWSOME !

    welcome back ;)

  31. 31amethystos

    Hehe, I know! Disturbing, but cool!

    Thanks :)

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