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I grew wings. So, I’ll be away for twenty days, and that includes Poshlust.

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  1. 1journal entry

    i’ll miss u and ur cartoons!
    enjoy the break =)

  2. 2amethystos

    Journal Entry
    Hehe, will do;*

  3. 3iRise

    How cute…
    We’ll miss you… don’t fly away for too long.

  4. 4Ruby Woo

    You’ll be missed.
    Why can’t I find me on your blogroll? Huh? Why?

  5. 5N.

    tro7en o treden bel salama.. Allah e7afthech

  6. 6Squirreliya

    liked the pic ;p

    etro7een w etrideen bel salama ..take care and have fun :D

  7. 7Balqees

    20 days :S
    i’m gonna count them tra u got that
    so by the time i say day up (get it like time up LOL )
    u better be back
    plez :D

    anyhoo enjoy ur time off babe
    and have fun
    bring us back some cool stories :D

  8. 8The Archer

    Gonna miss you soooo much!

    Etro7een witredeen bisalama inshallah :)

    Have a great time in [the place you're going to go to]! :D bring me back a souvenir ;p~

  9. 9do0da

    adri ul miss me :P lakin itha tabene asayr i leave random comments i can do that :p

    o wain ily bit7i6lina comics :P ?

  10. 10D :p

    I have a hard time figuring out where your new posts were :P

    Going to miss you so much! Have fun in you deserve the break ;)

  11. 11Jester

    Goodluck.. =p

  12. 12Rawr

    come back soon :(

  13. 13ZaMaHReeR

    dont be late..
    and goodluck!

  14. 14F.


    Missing you…

  15. 15frogman

    i like the new blog.. its more serene… but not as colourful as your old one..

    have fun..

  16. 16Jester

    tagged.. whenever you’re back

  17. 17Silver

    aawww…i come back and ur gone?:( miss u already. dont take ur time;p

  18. 18vixenfatale

    take care ;** you’ll be missed.

  19. 19Harlow

    nooooooooooooooooo :@@@@@@

    lesh? :(

    take care 7ayati. LOVE UUUUUU

  20. 20outkasty

    ‘ello =P

    al7een ana arid o intay tro7een? LOOOL

  21. 21big pearls

    oooh have a great time..really missed ya:)

  22. 22do0da

    hey u missed my blogs bday :r shame on u

  23. 23soud13

    مبروك الموقع اليديد

  24. 24Balqees

    its been 11 days :(
    wallah ya5i i miss u
    hope ur having fun and thinking about me
    scratch the last part out :P

  25. 25eulalia

    when u come back ur tagged and miss ya already :*

  26. 26eshda3wa

    miss yaw!

  27. 27Enchantuer

    come back soon!!

  28. 28OutOfReach

    enjoy your time ;)

  29. 29FourMe

    20 days UP! Yala come back..

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