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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net
I’ve been getting a lot of casual gifts lately.
I got two copies of what I call The Banksy Book, one from Sou and one from a special someone that shall not be named.

I got Amethyst by Lalique from H and J, and I absolutely love it although I thought it smelled crappy when I first tried it at the mall;p

*Cat sent me this pic

So, thanks for surprising me. It made my hellish days a lot better. Love you;*


My rash is much better.

Never tell anyone that you know someone with three nipples.

The smell of cigarettes makes me high.

I love my friends. I don’t know what I’d do without them.

When you feel down, always think of the best memories even if they make you cry.

Banksy is amazing.

Books are the best thing to lose yourself in.

Being happy and sad at the same time is possible.

Heartaches aren’t only emotional.

Life is wickedly strange.

I love my phone.

I just realized that I can only go without rice for a while even if it’s a really long while. I crave rice!

I’m losing weight without doing anything, and I keep needing to get new jeans;\

I need more time to read.

I should stop being so evil.

Although I’m sleeping better, I’m sleeping less.

I need a break from everything. I have one more paper to go, and I can’t seem to concentrate enough to work on it.

I love the smell of the sea.

I’m craving cake. The one my friends call the old-fashioned cake..

Enzain bas mali khelg I type;\

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  1. 1chika

    I thought I was the only crazy person out there, happiness and sadness, contrasts that could be tied up at one time..

  2. 2secretadmirer

    special someone..cmon initials atleast


  3. 3Amethyst

    I’ll join you in the craziness;p

    Hehe, I’ll keep them to myself:)

  4. 4secretadmirer

    male, female?

    p.s: i (probably) also know u apart from this little webspace, take a guess, a wild one


  5. 5Sou

    You’re the best[est] my dear! My Banksy book kicks ass, I don’t care that the new one you got has two or three extra pieces. ;p

    And you’ve got a secret admirer? (Looke at my face, eyebrows, face, eyebrows, wiggling, face, eyebrows!)

  6. 6Amethyst

    Hmm, someone special [period]

    I’ll pass unless you want to tell me because I’ll be here guessing forever;p

    You, my dear, are the bestest!;*

    I love both copies though!

    LOL! I can so see you doing that!

  7. 7secretadmirer

    ill get around to calling u in a bit ;)

    male? female?

  8. 8Amethyst

    I’ll answer that when you call then.

    Not shy at all:)

  9. 9secretadmirer

    Sure u will

    well my dear ame’s, it IS a male…hence the secrecy, no?


    *tick tock…looks at his watch*

  10. 10Amethyst

    Could be either.

    You don’t have to call anymore. You slipped;p

  11. 11secretadmirer

    oh my, did i?

    i wonder…how?


  12. 12Amethyst

    You just did.

    Khalas, enough;p

  13. 13secretadmirer

    maybe i did slip cherie..

    …or maybe that was to trick you sweets ;)

    i love it when i feel like im capable of confusing u

  14. 14Secret Admirer # 2 but will always be # 1

    Hey Secretadmirer.. umm.. who be you?

  15. 15do0da

    never tell ne1 ur not telling them about knwing some1 with 3 nipples :P Il bake u a cake for that piece of knowledge

  16. 16Amethyst



    LOL! We’re on;p

  17. 17Purgatory

    Who has three nipples?

    I enjoyed the cartoon.

  18. 18Amethyst

    A friend;p

    I’m glad:)

  19. 19likeairillrise

    Ahh… the smell of the ocean! I love it… :)

  20. 20Sou

    “Virgin ears?!!! She’s 41!!!!!!”

    I’m in bed, getting ready to sleep, and for some reason I remembered your exclaiming shreik this afternoon! Ya kalba, wallah I love you; you always crack me up! :) xoxo

  21. 21FourMe

    hahahahha was gona comment but forgot I was gona say cuz do0da cracked me up!

  22. 22kila ma6goog

    special someone that shall not be named.


  23. 23KTDP

    +1 on banksy and huzzah for randomness !

  24. 24Aurous

    Books are the best thing to lose yourself in.
    Very true ;)
    I’m craving cake.
    After reading this, so am I ;p

  25. 25Big Pearls

    3alech bil 3afya il gifts;)

  26. 26A Journal Entry

    the smell of cigarettes gives me a headache! 9ij i’m not exaggerating

  27. 27Rawr

    I love your randomness…
    and indeed books are the best thing to lose your self in :)

    too skinny is not sexy dear, dont lose too much weight, k?

    annnndd the banksy thing, is that like an art thing? mmm, I think ive seen their site.

  28. 28T

    Its T.
    U made me crave ure mamma’s 7loo
    The coconut chocolate balls.
    I like your mom.
    Dont talk about food, I miss Kuwaiti food.
    La wait i am in NY il7eeen I dont miss kuwaiti food kilish the food here mo 9ij. I miss kuwaiti people lol shft kuwaityat mt7jbat the other day ile they look like aliens mn 6gt 7ijab bo roob ( big pointy one) in time square this weekend thkrooni of the reasons not go back to kuwait
    Sorry adre ina tfkere imshitita o i dont make sense good night cuz.

  29. 29haj

    you’re welcome for the perfume ;p .. i fell in love with it the second i smelt it, thought she GOTTA have ittt!!!!

  30. 30Amethyst

    I know!


    Hehe, I love you more, ya after my galb!;*


    Kila Ma6goog
    Bloggerly fethee7a;p


    Hehe, I almost had cake today, but I was too full;(

    Big Pearls
    Allah y3afeech!

    A Journal Entry
    With time, it’ll make you high;p


    I can’t help it! 3ayebaw 3alay ilyoum!;(

    Banksy is an anonymous grafitti artist who does his work in public places, ex: the walls of London.

    He does have a website. Google it. But the book is always better;)

    Hehe, and I love your dad:)

    Eskit la tefta7 mawthou3 coming back to Kuwait;p

    Hehe, good night!

    I love you;*

  31. 31Balqees

    omg i LOVE losing wieght while doing nothing :P

    u feel so OMG WOOOW 9a7 :P

  32. 32Amethyst

    Not if you’re already okay with your body!;\

  33. 33sourire

    We CAN be sad and happy at the same time :/

  34. 34Amethyst

    I know:)

  35. 35..::Amu::..

    I am happy to see u smiling again :)

  36. 36Mar8adoosh

    I wanna lose weight without doing anything !! ;P id3eeeleeeeeee ;p

  37. 37Amethyst


    Hehe, inshallah, but don’t get too skinny;p

  38. 38F.

    Don’t you just love getting casual gifts?!
    When I came back from Dubai my sister had bought me a Freddie Mercury wallet… :D

  39. 39Amethyst

    I love casual gifts!;D

    3alaich bel3afya;*

  40. 40Coconut

    I absolutely love banksy!
    hes such an inspiration.. u kno hes that type of artist ely y5aleech u have to stop and think deeply when you see his work.

  41. 41Vixen

    Totally agree about the books, i always lose myself. They take me away… I wish i had more time to read as well!

    glad ur rash is better ;**

  42. 42Amethyst

    Very true. What I love about his work is that it sends an outrageous message in a very simple way. Love him!

    It’s the beauty of it all..


  43. 43eshda3wa

    wanasa i want to get casual gifts too!

  44. 44Amethyst

    Demand them;p

  45. 45ĐǻñĎõøðñ

    are you complaining about losing weight??

  46. 46nQ


  47. 47jesterat314

    hmm.. all the random points in this post are true.. i agree with all of them .. strange

  48. 48Amethyst

    No, I’m complaining about losing weight without doing anything..


    Not strange at all:)

  49. 49Eulalia

    about your weight it might be hormonal ana yatni fatra i lost 10 kg in 2 months

  50. 50Anonymous

  51. 51Amethyst

    I know;\


    Yes, it is. I’m one of those who had cat phobia and got over it cuz of Chester.

    It’s a small bloggerly world;)

  52. 52Um Mit3ib

    ee sij mishtahyaa kaika

  53. 53Amethyst

    Um Mit3ib
    Kalait ams;p

  54. 54nyxxie

    cute gifts :-)

  55. 55Amethyst

    I’m grateful:)

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