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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
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Now, I know why I can’t concentrate enough to blog… BECAUSE I CAN’T CONCENTRATE ENOUGH TO DO ANYTHING RIGHT!;O

Snippets, and I’ll leave the commenting to you:

I fell this morning because I forgot that there were steps.

At an attempt to refill my bottle with water from the fountain, I dropped my phone, then poured water all over the floor, my phone’s shattered pieces, and my friend’s head and arm, unintentionally because I forgot for a moment that the bottle was in my hand.

Mom: Pass the salt.
Me: Mu yami..
Mom: Amethyst, pass the salt, kaho jedamech!
Me: Mako salt!
Me: Wain salt?! Mashoof salt!
*Mom stares at me blankly*
*I stare at the table before me and realize that the salt is RIGHT in front of me.*

Bro: I waited for you, so we could eat together.
Me: I’m not eating, now.
Bro: Yeah, but I waited.
Me: For what?
Bro: For you to come home, so we could eat together.
Me: Why would we eat together?
Bro: Because we both didn’t have lunch?
Me: Yeah, but you have lunch at one.
Bro: Amethyst, I didn’t eat at one, so I could eat with you.
Me: Yeah, but why are you eating twice?

While driving, I realized that I was singing something different to what was playing because I thought it was the song that was playing.

After being very late to class, I noticed that I left my book in the car that I just came from.

I’m oversleeping everday, but when I look at the time and panic, I get out of bed from the other end: not the sides, the end opposite to the pillows.

Mixing up names of people I see daily multiple times in one utterance!

I think I need a chill pill..

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  1. 1do0da

    u need a vacation :P how long til classes are over ?

  2. 2Amethyst

    Trust me, I know!

    Summer course is done on the fifth, and I’m leaving on the eighth!;p

  3. 3do0da

    o so finals are just round the corner :P GL with that id save up wat evers left of ur concentration for them if i were u :p

  4. 4Eulalia

    LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!! umbay..umbay 6′a7akteeeni!

  5. 5Amethyst

    Lol, surprisingly I’m convinced that this is a phase that will pass before finals happen;p

    Hehe, you’re not supposed to laugh!;$

  6. 6The Archer

    Salaaamtich Ame’s!

    If it makes you feel any better.. I tripped today when I was getting some papers signed at customs. :p~ Luckily, no one was there.

    I haven’t been able to concentrate either.. maybe it’s the weather. Or something in the water in the department.. I don’t know. But something is definitely off..

    My last final is in 20 days inshallah, and I’m freaking out as usual. [August 3rd]

  7. 7Amethyst

    The Archer
    Allah ysalmek:)

    Hehe, that won’t make me feel better!

    I think it’s stress. It’s a shitty life at times.

    Why am I not surprised?

  8. 8haj

    Those are all signs you need a break …

    I suggest you take one!!!! ;p

  9. 9Amethyst

    I can’t. Too many deadlines;\

  10. 10Jawa

    minzman ma tha7akt this much :P
    i suggest enich etro7en spa time for an entire day!

  11. 11Amethyst

    Lol, la teth7ekoun 3alay!

    I suggest I go to Spa Time for an entire day when I finish all the work I have to do;p

  12. 12Aurous

    Summer classes can do this to people @@
    I hope you get better soon :)

  13. 13Amethyst

    It’s a combination of summer course and other crap;p


  14. 14in my choos

    LOL! x cute, but tomorrow is a new day!



  15. 15Amethyst

    in my choos
    As always..

  16. 16eshda3wa

    u definitly need a vacation

    some yoga too

  17. 17Amethyst

    Next month:)

  18. 18greyshorts


    Im soooorry babe ma gedart

    You’re thinking too much mo5ech fee wayed ashyaaa stop thinking too much and use an umbrella or something get out off the sun pronto

  19. 19frogman

    i think you just need two days of NO human interaction, a good book, lots of sleep and your biological and logical clocks will be in sync again…

    any problems call 1-800-frogs-4-sync

  20. 20Princess

    loooooooooooooooool! that was absurdly cute hehe maybe KU and KU?Keifan summer is finally taking its toll on u *shudders at the memories*

  21. 21Big Pearls

    loool omg..it’s getting freaky!:p

  22. 22likeairillrise

    Someone needs a long vacay! :)

  23. 23Amethyst


    An umbrella to shield me from my thoughts. Intruiging.

    That’s quite unlikely. It can’t happen. A two day break means not working, and not working means I fail my classes.

    So, now I need a hotline?

    But I love the department.


    Big Pearls
    I KNOW!

    Yeah, soon:)

  24. 24Princess

    i did too not in the summer tho! 8 oclock classes with buresly! MY 9IJ!

  25. 25Amethyst

    Never took anything with him, I hear he’s good but boring.. So, I bet kamaltay noumtech;p

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