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I went to a Roaring 20s party last night. People should NOT have really good parties a day before school. I’m sick! My voice is gone from all the yelling, and my feet are killing me from all the dancing. I barely got through my classes today. It was worth it though. I looked hot, and I should have been born in that age.

This afternoon, I drove back to the Kaifan campus from Khaldeya. I opened the car door but didn’t get out for a while because I was trying to think what books I needed while I was on the phone.

Amethyst: Sheno olad?! Khal a7mel awal!

Friend: Mu il7een! After marriage!

Amethyst: Ee, I know. What am I saving my virginity for?

*turns around to find a woman narrowing her eyes at her*

Friend: LOL!

Amethyst: Umm.. Fi mara ga3ed etkhezni!

Friend: LOL!

*walks away from the car really fast*

Amethyst: Laish chethi y9eer feni?! W laish gelt ena fi mara ga3ed etkhezni ashkara jedamha? Esma3atni! Allah yal fashla!;\

I don’t find Johnny Depp hot. Khal y9eer elwath3 3adi ya nass!;\

I’m being random because I’m sick. I can’t think. Really. I just watched Dancer in the Dark. I cried my eyes out. Enough, sa7? I should go rest;\

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  1. 1ĐǻñĎõøðñ

    hope you get well soon :)

    (ps: depp is hot…it will never be normal otherwise! :P )

  2. 2FourMe

    What’s wrong with you people! Depp is not Hot he is one ugly twisted weird ass weirdo :/

    seeing your cover is already blown tell us what you wore? Sounds like a knock-out outfit.

  3. 3kila ma6goog

    al rasma 3ajeeba

  4. 4Amethyst


    I don’t find him hot;\


    It’s already blown?

    Short wavy hair (like Rene Zellweger in Chicago), a black band going around my head with black diamante, elbow length black gloves, black dress, etc.

    Kila Ma6goog
    I know;p

  5. 5A Journal Entry

    i don’t c depp hot.. that dude needs a serious shower.. mu 9a7 he looks dirty?!

  6. 6Amethyst

    A Journal Entry
    Ee, chena ma yetsaba7;p

  7. 7The Archer

    1. My demented personality is rubbing off on your choice of comics.:p

    2. LOOOOOOL @ the salfa! :p

    3. I hope you had something to eat before you went ZzZzZz-ing. Feel better soon. :D Matshofeen shar inshallah!

    4. I’m so watching that movie inshallah! Gonna still it from Mr. Sane! :p~

  8. 8Coconut

    lol that was embarrassing.

  9. 9Coconut

    o depp is hot! cuz hes 3ala golat fourme weird, bas thats what makes him “unique” and “special” and “my precious” :P

  10. 10sourire

    JOHNNY DEPP IS TRES TRES TRES SEXY! What’s wrong with you amethyst?! I’m jk hehe :)

    Ahh, I once screamed penis in Burger Hub and a bunch of girls next to us turned around to look at me, pshh >.<

  11. 11G |-| a |) 0 o |2

    ma tshofen shar sis

  12. 12Hamitaf La B.

    I love the 20s…. the fashion… the necklaces.. the hair… the hair accessories… the start of the great depression… hehehe….

    Kaifan campus was 3ebara 3an nightmare for me!!

    Johnny Depp ka shakel… not so hot… but ka weird personality… as a talent… YUMMY!!!


  13. 13Harlow

    3adi 9arat feni bs kint ga3da asib!! It’s ok.

    I DON’T LIKE HIM KILISH!! Malayt min il awadem talking about how hot he is. Kilish mo hot. 7eta Brad Pitt sheefa.

  14. 14F.

    …I want to go to a roaring 20′s party!

    I find Johnny Depp very untouchable kind of hot. He is effortlessly hot. He’s got a “he’s different but he doesn’t care” kind of vibe which is hot. Enough about that yes?

    I was going to come to see you guys today…but I couldn’t rip myself out of bed…sorry!

  15. 15Big Pearls

    get well sooon..and lool @ that conversation u had.

  16. 16Skinny Bumblebee

    LOL! thats a7laah tiredness.

    and LOOOLain 3al lady, a7ssan lets her hear you its rude to stare and judge peopls half convos. wallah.

  17. 17eshda3wa

    elmafrooth ehya ele etifashal cz ga3da etkhez
    moo intay!

    o salamat!

  18. 18manutdfanatic

    I wrote a long comment which conveniently decided to sneak away from me. Bleh.

    Here it is again; Johnny Depp in not hot. Agreed. I don’t find anyone hot. Haven’t in a verrrrrrry long time. Come to think of it, I believe I’ve labelled about three people as “hot” in my entire life; the last one having retained that title for five minutes after which I changed my mind.

    Bleh again.

    Translate the Arabic in the post. Thanks.

    Bleh again.

    I’ve been coughing endlessly for the past few days/weeks/don’t remember. Sickness Club. Join.

    Bleh. Bleh. Bleh.

  19. 19Amethyst

    The Archer
    1. Lol, you wish;p

    2. Chub!;p

    3. I am feeling better!;D

    4. Steal it!

    It was;p

    Ma etshoufeen shar;p


    You should befriend Sou!;)

    G |-| a |) 0 o |2
    Elshar mayeech:)

    Hamitaf La B
    I know;p

    A7eba. I used to call it The Hellhole, but now, it’s more like home:)

    Still not hot;p

    Hehe, likewise;p

    I know! Yeah, Brad Pitt.. I’m not into pretty boys;\

    Throw one!

    Yeah, bas shakla he doesn’t shower. That has to be effortless.

    I will love you when I see you;p

    Big Pearls
    Will do!

    Skinny B
    Hehe, it is.. Drowsy;p

    It’s funny and strange all at once!;)

    Etsadgeen, that’s what my mom said!

    Allah ysalmech!


    I find a lot of people hot;p


    Amethyst: How can I give birth? I need to get pregnant first!
    Friend: Not now! After marriage..
    Amethyst: Yeah, I know! What am I saving my virginity for?
    *turns around to find a woman narrowing her eyes at her*
    Friend: LOL!
    Amethyst: Umm.. This lady’s staring at me!
    Friend: LOL!
    *walks away from the car really fast*
    Amethyst: Why is this happening to me? And why did I say that a lady’s staring at me in front of the lady who’s staring at me? She heard me! It’s embarrassing;\

    Sickness. Joined. I. Club.

  20. 20KTDP

    the 20′s were awesome … cocaine was still legal back then ….

    The whole phone conversation thing happens to me all the time, I’ll be bitching about a patients fucked up hemorrhoids to a colleague and his/her nearest and dearest would appear right in front of me…..weird.

  21. 21Amethyst

    Lol, damn it! Now, I really want to live in the 20s;p

    It happens to the best of us;)

  22. 22enchanteurs

    7emday rabich u said u WANT to keep ur virginity jidam mara mo want to lose it !! :p eheheh oo jonny depp is 3adi i agree, bs maybe cuz he got something speacial about him i cant point that out tho! and hope u feel better !!! ;***

  23. 23Ruby Woo

    How can you not find Johnny boy hot? Ok I understand that under all the clutter he looks kinda weird but deep down he is tres sexy!!

  24. 24Feminist™

    hehe ;p
    ma tshoofen shar dear =)

  25. 25N.

    Salamaaat Amethyst.

    Partying ha.

  26. 26ZaMaHReeR

    lol the cartoons are funny :)

  27. 27Amethyst

    Lol, ee wallah el7emdillah;p

    Mako anything special!


    Ruby Woo
    I don’t see it..

    Elshar mayeech:)

    Allah ysalmek..


    Hehe, that’s why they’re there;p

  28. 28jesterat314

    hehe, 3ajeeb ilreaction

  29. 29Amethyst


  30. 30..::Amu::..

    hope u get well soon :)

  31. 31Amethyst


  32. 32frogman

    once at KFC I asked the cashier lady is she had breasts, instead of asking if there were any chicken breasts available.. my face turned all kinds of colours as I tried to keep a straight face..

    It happens, but as long as you can laugh about it, its all that matters..

    from a guy’s perspective, i think depp is cool.. and i can see what women see in him..

  33. 33Amethyst



    As a woman, I don’t.

  34. 34Jawa

    Okay u must really be sick etha Johnny Depp isn’t hot ;p
    Salamat ;p

  35. 35Amethyst

    I’m all better now, and he still isn’t hot;p

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