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[UPDATE] Bottom of post;p
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I really need to mark this as a landmark in my university life:

Adventures of Having Classes with Sou.

Prof: I really can’t explain this (The Cooperative Principle in Discourse Analysis) to a five year old.
Sou: Yeah, unless he’s a prodigy or something..
Prof: From India perhaps!
*Sou turns around and shares a look with Amethyst who gasps, then they both start laughing*

Prof is explaining something about pronounciation in Phonetics and says a word we don’t know. Sou takes out her dictionary and points out “viagra.”

Sou: Why do we have viagra in the dictionary?
Amethyst: Because there’s people who might not know what it is!
Sou: Men have something similar to PMS!
Me: WHAAAT?! Where?
*Sou points out IMS in her dictionary. Both share a look of pure evil then laugh.*

Amethyst has been trying to tell Sou an incident for ten minutes, wedging in a sentence every pause in the discussion. Near the end of the salfa:

Amethyst: So the text message says, “I wish I could just smell your panties.”
*Sou turns around to face Amethyst and has the equivalent of a gasp on her face. They both crack up until they are out of breath continuously for the next ten minutes.*

Phonetics, again.

Amethyst: Sir, fronting a back vowel and vice versa? Huh? I don’t get it.
Prof: Yes, for example: oo-ee-oo-ee-oo-ee-oo… *looking ridiculous*
Amethyst: Sounds like an ambulance!
*Sou turns around and gives Amethyst a you-did-not-just-say-that look and both crack up*

Prof (addressing Sou): I feel sorry for the man who’s going to end up with you.
Sou: That was mean and hurtful, but I’m going to continue making my point. Whoo-sah. So, as I was saying..

Prof: Playwrighter‘s of that age blah blah blah..
*Amethyst thinking, “playwrightER?!” turns to Sou*
Sou: Shut up.
Amethyst: I didn’t say anything!
Sou: But you were going to.
Amethyst: No, I wasn’t!
Sou: Well, you thought it!

Walking out of class.

Amethyst: UGH! Mali khelg I do the response. Did you see how many pages we have to read?
Sou: Did you see the size of the text?! It’s insanely small! Teez el-namla!

Regarding teez el-namla, in class:

Prof: …being part of an ant colony…
*Amethyst shares a look with The Archer. Both crack up. Amethyst looks at Sou, “Psst, ANT colony?” Sou cracks up.*

Prof: You need to learn how to dress (hint goes to student wearing a t-shirt with a practically naked man on it) and talk (hint goes to Sou and Amethyst) appropriately in class.
Sou (talking to the student wearing the t-shirt with the muscled man wearing briefs and standing on a ball): Yeah, why are you wearing that?
Student: It’s Marc Jacobs.
Sou: Right. It’s Marc Jacobs. But it doesn’t say Marc Jacobs, who would know?
Student: I would.

There are definitely more and more to come, but I’ll stop here;p
Today, prof asks a question:
Student: Let’s go and talk about it on coffee.
Amethyst *to Sou*: Yeah, so let’s get sacks of coffee, sit on them, and talk.
Sou: No, we should get our actual mugs and sit on them!
Amethyst: Yeah, cuz they won’t be up our @$$3#!
Regarding, teez el-namla (again), prof is talking about writing a poem about an ant:
Prof: It’s an ant. I can’t write about an ant!
Sou *looking through the textbook at the insanely small text*: I can write about ants.
Amethyst: No, you can write about certain parts of ants.
Regarding Indian child prodigy, different class:
Student: You know, on the news there was this 9 year old Indian boy who can perform surgeries…
*Amethyst and Sou share a knowing look and burst into laughter*

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  1. 1chika

    lol! she’s hilarious! who’s the prof.?! Helmi?!

  2. 2nq

    it would be funnier if the man was sitting on two balls

  3. 3Amethyst

    Which one? Not all of the incidents happened with the same prof;p

    Lol. Would it? Hmm..

  4. 4Cat

    funnnnnny 7adha !

  5. 5Amethyst

    Hehe, I love her;p

  6. 6Anonymous

    ur writing makes me cringe.

  7. 73baid

    Sou’s one of a kind ;P

  8. 8Anonymous


  9. 9Purgatory

    I could not figure this cartoon

  10. 10The Archer


    I milked the SALFA out of someone (6) hehehehe.. At least Mr. Wordvomit is more demented than I am.

    Sou niktah.. :p~ I can’t stop laughing! bas bas..

  11. 11V!Ce...

    I <3 U PPL.. seriously, am so jealous i ddn't take a smmr crs ):

    Wordvomit, 9ij 9ij…. WORD VOMIT bleekh * gags.. shivers*

    … hmm, the “Unknown” seems touched.

  12. 12The Archer

    lol! 7addah right? :p

  13. 13FourMe

    Keep’em rollin daaaaamn hilarious! You’re making me miss school days :/

    Sou: That was mean and hurtful, but I’m going to continue making my point. Whoo-sah. So, as I was saying..

    NICE ONE!!

  14. 14eshda3wa

    if i were ur professor i would have kicked u out with all that giggling going on!

  15. 15Big Pearls

    loool that is funny

  16. 16Coconut

    lol twansoon.

    btw i dnt get the cartoon :S

  17. 17F.

    Gosh! I miss you guys like hell…

    Would you look at that…I just said “Gosh!”…and “hell”…sigh!

  18. 18floweriya

    sorry bs i didnt get it,,:S whats woo-sah?:P

  19. 19Amethyst

    She is!;p

    Don’t read it then:)

    Don’t read into it too deeply;p

    The Archer
    Whatever. Everything here is anonymous.

    I’m going to update with today’s;p

    Be very very jealous..

    Blekh it is;\


    Ee, elprof 7ada endegar. Yestahel;p

    They are different professors, and the class wouldn’t be as fun without us. No one would do the discussing/participating.

    Big Pearls
    I’m glad;p


    You don’t have to;p

    We miss you, too!

    Stop saying such things and pay us a visit!


    Ya3ni she’s taking a deep meditating breath;p

  20. 20iRise

    Wow! Did this all happen in one day…?!


  21. 21Amethyst

    No, not in one day.

    The last three happened today;p

  22. 22FourMe

    not rude at all every prof I had told me that :p

  23. 23Amethyst


    It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it:)

  24. 24Don Juan

    9 yrs old surgeon!
    another good reason for segregation so you won’t have such guys around ;p
    God! sitting alone in the class was better than having such conversation with a girl ;/
    you should have give him a kick for being ,, ewwww ;p

  25. 25..::Amu::..

    lol @ do men have something similar to PMS??? :D DDDD

  26. 26haj

    hahha lovvve the quotes!

  27. 27Amethyst

    Don Juan
    I’m lost. Ma fahamt;\

    They do;p

    Me too!;p

  28. 28Sou

    You know Amethyst, the classes I don’t take with you are insanely boring!

    We’ll have to keep a record of our shinnanagins in classes from now on! Haha! :D about we talk about things “on coffee”?!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! Yes, we’re mean, very, very mean. ;)

  29. 29Amethyst

    Lol! Same here..

    We are. I am, anyways. Mentally;p

    We’re not mean. We’re witty!;*

  30. 30lbmibs

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