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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Got this off Swair’s blog. It looked like fun. Go ahead and tag yourself if you like it:)


a. Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

What is your first name?
What is your favorite food?
What high school did you go to?
What is your favorite color?
Who is your celebrity crush?
Favorite drink?

Dream vacation?
Favorite dessert?
What you want to be when you grow up?
What do you love most in life?

One Word to describe you.
Your flickr name. (I don’t have a flickr account, so I just put in Amethyst;p)

The answers are obvious, right?

No comments so far for “I.Need.Sleep.”

  1. 1Purgatory

    I like the cartoon

  2. 2Coconut

    luv the tag! shaklii im gunna steal it.
    lol the caro0o0n 3ajeeb!

  3. 3Amethyst

    I’m not surprised.

    Remember, it’s not stealing. Read again what is above my comment box:)

  4. 4The Archer

    Sleep! noum el3awafeee :D

    The comic is disturbing :S I LIKE IT! :p

    The tag seems interesting. :)

  5. 5Cat

    3ajeeb el cartoon

  6. 6likeairillrise

    Hahaha!!! Loved this comic so much!

  7. 7The Beautiful Spirit

    Good greetings,
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    Let’s just be more positive…

  8. 8A Journal Entry

    lol wa3alayah!
    loved the cartoon..

  9. 9SpiKeY

    I dont know why but I hate those cartoons….its creepy :P

  10. 10Ruby Woo

    Those two creep me out!

  11. 11Amethyst

    The Archer
    Unable to sleep.

    I’m not surprised. *CO-dementedUGH*;p

    Do it, then:)

    Hehe, I love it;p

    So do I!

    The Beautiful Spirit
    A real life story? Hmm..

    A Journal Entry
    We’re sadists like that;p

    Don’t read too much into them, just have a laugh!;p

    Ruby Woo

  12. 12F.

    I love the tag…
    I think I’ll do it :)

  13. 13Amethyst

    Do it!

  14. 14kila ma6goog

    too long today!

  15. 15Amethyst

    Kila Ma6goog
    I know;p

  16. 16N.

    I’m lovin the flickr collage. Very much.

  17. 17Big Pearls

    I wanna do it:)

  18. 18Amethyst


    Big Pearls
    Do it!;D

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