Blog Action Day: Mother Nature is Calling…

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Before I get serious, I need to make a few shoutouts.

J: Check!
F: Happy Birthday Darling;*
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Today is Blog Action Day. I wish I had the time to do a little bit of research, but I don’t. So, I’ll just do the usual complaining.

Why?! (Have you noticed how I always start with frustration?) Really, why?! Why do people litter? Have they no shame?
Back in school, most of us used to clean up after ourselves. We picked up are trash and threw it in the bin. Sometimes, we even pulled the trash can all the way to our table and took our time eating and throwing rubbish. Now, in college, I see 16yrs+ girls/guys throwing wrappers, papers, etc. on the ground. There’s a trash can in every corner! Shameful! I remember asking at least 10 people to pick up what they have thrown and put it in the garbage, or I’ll do something embarrassing. It works. But why didn’t they throw it in the bin the first time?!

Why?! Why do people roll down their car windows and throw their crap out in the street while their car is moving along the road?! Grrr! They should be ashamed! Especially parents/grown ups who do so in front of kids.

There’s a lot one can do. Visit The Action Blog for tips. Or take it a step further and click here.

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  1. 1Noufa

    I guess people don’t realize the damages the are causing that’s why the continue what they do..

  2. 2kila ma6goog

    اللي يربي مو متربي

  3. 3chikapapi


  4. 4Amethyst

    They turn a blind eye on it.

    kila ma6goog
    Wenta elsaj!


  5. 5:::: SHAYOUMA ::::

    suX I know!! They think its just 1 paper.. Pathetic.

  6. 6Ghalia

    ee omg eynarfizouny ilnas ily iygi6oun their kleenex’s, papers, blah blah outside their cars or just throw it while they’re walking, it pollutes our place!!!! lana fy wayid wayid ashya2 mag6oo6a 3al arthh while the trash can is right next to it, its like people please make an effort! don’t be too lazy!! i hateee it !

  7. 7Blue Dress


    next time you see that just open the window and scream!


  8. 8Amethyst

    Very pathetic.

    Share3 obohum in case you haven’t noticed.

    blue dress
    I never did that! I have to try that.

  9. 9haj

    people should think before doing anything …

  10. 10Joel

    That’s interesting! We should have signboards saying KEEP YOUR ROAD CLEAN :)

  11. 11Amethyst

    People should think twice before doing anything.

    Welcome. Don’t you think people should have enough brain to keep things clean without a sign?

  12. 12Farah

    Thanks for the birthday shout out ;**

  13. 13Anonymous

    heys! just to informed you that my school has this subject called pbl so ya,my group is trying to stop littering and i wish that they really stop littering! thanks for doing your part on not littering!

  14. 14Amethyst

    And thank you, as well:)

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