No More Karaoke

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I’m back! I had a GREAT time. I need to stop being so wild. It’s getting out of hand. But I’ve fallen in love with my life and myself all over again. This kicks therapy real hard in the behind!

She walked around in her purple bathing suit. She stood at the balcony, crossing her arms so that her butterfly tattoo spread its wings alluringly over her shoulder blades. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, opening them again only to have her breath taken away repeatedly by the sight of the sea.

She couldn’t resist the urge to go down there, the wind blowing her bangs around making her look silly. She enjoyed the feel of the sand under the soles of her feet, and a strange warmth climbed its way up all the way to her fingertips. Time for some contrast in feeling.
She put her feet into the cold water. There. She grinned. She sat down, surrounding herself with the feel of the waves against her body. A feeling of content washed over her as the waves washed away her worries.
She’s leading a strange life in a strange world. That was nonsensical to her, once upon a time. Not anymore. She grabbed a handful of sand and watched the grains slip away. Contradictions are alright as well, she thought. They make life more exciting? Nah, they just confuse her. No more contradictions, then. It will have to be as simple as that.
She should head back. It’s dawn and she left everything behind. No one could reach her if they wanted to. She walked back happy that her time alone with herself didn’t bring back anything sad or painful. Happy that all has eroded under the waves of the sea. Funny how physical things reflected her internal feelings. Wait, not funny. Just strange, like the life she was walking back to.
She walked back. Only one person noticed that she had left, and he was waiting at the door, reading. She smiled and waved at him, and he waved back. She made her way uphill to the chalet, and sat right next to him. He didn’t ask. He didn’t need to.
She took her notebook out of his hands and read to him. Silence but her voice and the sound of the sea. The wind quieted down as to not distract her listener.
“He was sitting on the steps by the door, waiting. She waved at him, and he waved back. She knew if anyone would notice her absence, it would be him. And she knew she didn’t have to explain. All she needed was to go back knowing that it didn’t matter if anyone else noticed as long as he did. He meant the world to her, and she couldn’t express the gratitude that swelled in her heart whenever she laid her eyes on him. He made her who she is now. And she loves herself enough to celebrate it.”
He smiled at her, tears welling up in his eyes. They stood up. She gave him a hug and pushed him towards the door, playfully. They each headed to their separate rooms, knowing that they were really heading the same way.

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  1. 1kila ma6goog

  2. 2FourMe

    Poshlusty .. simply poshlusty.. now can I see the butterfly :p

  3. 3Amethyst

    Kila Ma6goog
    Bravo. Why wasn’t I invited?

    Hehe, how do you know it’s not fiction?;)

  4. 4Hussain

    Beautiful, just beautiful.
    I love the notebook effect, the way she seems to be writing her own life. It’s lovely.

    Keep writing, hun :-)

  5. 5Amethyst

    Thank you.

    She is writing her own life.

    I will:)

    P.S. I miss you!

  6. 6manutdfanatic

    I’m happy for you.

  7. 7A Journal Entry

    u made me wanna go to the beach..

    loved how u wrote it ;)

  8. 8Amethyst

    I’m happy for myself:)


    A Journal Entry
    The weather is awful;p

    Thank you:)

  9. 9The Archer

    I think I’m in love. You’re style of writing is enchanting. It takes you to a whole other world.

    Welcome BACK!!! :D
    Missed you! :’(

  10. 10Amethyst

    The Archer
    Hehe. I know I’m in love. Thanks:)

    Miss you more!


  11. 11N.

    Wonderful, the picture says it all too.

  12. 12haj

    Welcome back! … And I mean that in all different ways ;p

  13. 13jesterat314

    a purple celebration :)

  14. 14Big Pearls

    just what I needed to read:)

  15. 15Hamitaf La B.

    Loving your writing…

    Loving that your loving your life… :)

  16. 16Harlow

    Inshallah doom you’re happy :D

  17. 17F.

    Glad you’re having a blast!

    Since you’re in the summertime mood…I tag you! :P

  18. 18Amethyst

    It does:)

    Thanks, 7bbti;*

    A purple celebration, indeed:)

    Thank you!

    Big Pearls
    I’m glad:)

    Hamitaf La B.
    Thank you:)


    Damat your days:)



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