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I had a weird morning and afternoon. I woke up feeling like crap. I wore my emergency outfit. I rushed out the door and headed to school. After my first class, I met up with three friends under the mathalat malout the staff’s parking lot, and we listened to good music. That flipped my mood. Even though I suspect that my professor saw us doing subtle dance moves while singing loudly, I didn’t care.
Two classes later, my mood is flipped because one of my favorite people is too tired to show up at college, and so, I decided to ditch my usual hang out place and drive around with R. An hour later, Sou joins us, and we head to Coffee Bean. We sang our hearts out in the car. I love you guys. 7adkum you made my day. Until.. blekh! I won’t go there.

THEN, I headed to class all distracted. I seriously could not understand anything. There was no point. So, I just sat there texting my mom and the person who decided not to show up who then decided to show up. Another mood flip.

I excused myself 20 minutes into my next class. I had a dose of therapy. I hung out with my friends. After that, I felt empty. I drove home with a blank mind. Seriously, I was thinking of nothing. I wasn’t even listening to the music that was playing in the background of the emptiness.

Now, my behind hurts. Ouch. I was going to continue the rest, but mali khelg all of a sudden. I think I need to sleep more than a few hours a day. Oh, and Sou + R, “Stop making a fool out of meeee… Why don’t you come on over, Valerie?”

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  1. 1david santos

    Very nice posting.

  2. 2haj

    were u listening to my CD? ;p

  3. 3OpeRon®

    I have one of those days every now & then, sometimes I choose to stay in bed all day.. it is one of those days that you want to forget about the existence of an outer world outside your sweet warm bed.

    Com’on cheer up, sweety,, You’re going to be just FINE :)

    & believe me, Sou is a cheerer :) an approved mood elevator by FDA :)

  4. 4Amethyst

    David Santos
    Thank you

    No, we were in R’s car;p

    Yeah, so true;\

    I will. I know:)

    She is, but FDA?

  5. 5Silver

    hahahahahaha im sorry but that was funny;p am i being mean? ;p

  6. 6..::Amu::..

    I hope you have a better day tomorrow :)

  7. 73baid

    Sleep usually helps.

  8. 8Vixen

    awww 7abeenti *huug* it’s alright… :) hope you have a nice remainder of the week ^^

  9. 9This Lady

    3adi, we all get those days.. thank goodness for friends during these times!

  10. 10FourMe

    what does the emergency outfit consist of?

  11. 11nQ

    singing is the shit, and
    just to let you know, I did not appreciate the title of the ppost.

    seebik min valerie, she still didnt pay that fine she was dodging all the time.


  12. 12Amethyst

    What was funny?;p

    Thank you:)

    I can’t sleep;(

    Thank you:)


    This Lady
    Yeah, I know!

    Jeans and a beige top;p

    Hehe, it’s randomly picked;p


  13. 13do0da

    u better be singing the zuton’s version :P

  14. 14Moniker

    loool…oh yess. i hated it when my friends would be absent and i’d have to be in class alone :| and they didn’t even warn me before hand :( meanies.

  15. 15um-miT3ib


  16. 16Purgatory

    Nice banner.

  17. 17suspic

    How do you dance whilst being in a car?

    How you answer this question will define you.

  18. 18Amethyst

    I’m not;p

    I don’t mind class alone. I mind missing people;\

    Um Miti3b
    And w Sou enghaneeha a7san, shrayech ensaweelech concert?!;p

    Thank you:)

    I prefer not to answer then;p

  19. 19Sou

    The image you chose for the post is so fitting! hehe.

    Why don’t you come offfarrrr Falarieeeeeeee?!!


  20. 20Amethyst

    You’re the brunette;p



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