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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

She used to see through her feelings, but now, they simply blind her. It is too much to handle. It is sad how the world has turned into something pathetic in a moment. She has been asked a question, and her reply made her realize that she really has a lot more to understand. There is so much ahead of her, she carries the weight of not being able to comprehend on her eyelids. Yet, she cannot sleep. She would love to learn how to get through what she is going through without having to grit her teeth and blink back her tears. Maybe she will. Maybe. It never occurred to her that she might have to keep everything behind the walls of her bright expressive eyes, so she does not upset her loved ones. Her eyes tell more than she thinks they do. Her anger is not really anger. It is fear of what might happen later. Or soon even. She has always been scared of not being able to live life the way she wants to. She has to learn to face that. What about her feelings? Will they remain unexpressed? She does not really know. She realizes her eyelashes are wet again. Again. They are wet. And again, she brushes her fingertips against the glistening pearls and holds them before her eyes. She sighs. Tears of frustation they are. She shrugs her shoulders as if her worries would fall off and break into an uncountable number of unreparable pieces. But they do not. Not even for a while. She really is not as brave as she has believed she was. Not even close. It is strange. Some things are unpredictable. Another brush of fingertips under her eyes. Another string of thoughts. Another disappointment in the ways of the world. Another sigh. Another tear. Another shrug.

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  1. 1F.

    Barney is freaky that way…there’s probably someone different in that suit everytime they shoot an episode…*shivers*

  2. 2Big Pearls

    therbay 3al watar il 7asas…more!

  3. 3Amethyst


    Big Pearls
    Do you really want more?;\

  4. 4nymphadora86

    very nice… :) i loved it.
    and Barney !!!!??? i have no idea why kids like him. he is creepy and his voice is not child-friendly at all :s

  5. 5G and L

    she represents so many.. :/

  6. 6kella met2a5er


  7. 7Anonymous

    OMG the pic is sooo sad ;(


  8. 8Vixen

    he is purple! i hate purple..!

    nice post ..

  9. 9FourMe

    man that post was sad but barney was even worse ;(

  10. 10OpeRon®

    I love the way you write, it is similar to mine in away “inside out” .. I think you should write short stories too, I can’t wait to read one :D

  11. 11Amethyst

    Thank you:)

    Lol, I never watched such things as a kid;p

    G and L
    She does, and it’s sad;(

    Kella Met2a5er

    Reflects the mood of the piece;p

    It’s my fave color;p

    Lol! Barney is just too much;p


    I’ll give it a shot sometime soon:)

  12. 12Barrak

    فعلا ضرب عالوتر الحساس

  13. 13kila ma6goog

    شقني هالبارني

    نجرة كل يوم عالتلفزيون مع الزعطوطة

    بارني و بارني

  14. 14Amethyst


    Kila Ma6goog
    Lol, I bet she always wins;p

  15. 15haj

    that post gave me the shivers! … I love the way you right.

  16. 16Bulletii

    I admire the way you write your posts. So emotional. I wish I can write like you, mashallah.

  17. 17Purgatory

    that barney cartoon is funny :)

  18. 18Amethyst



    Me 2;p

  19. 19Desert-Roses

    That barney pic !!!

    SO FUNNY!!

    I didnt read the post honestly…

  20. 20Amethyst

    Desert Roses
    Lol! It is;D

    Mu ghaseb;p

  21. 21Dr.paula

    love it gurl:D

  22. 22Amethyst

    Dr. Paula

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