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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net
“When I jerk away from holding hands with you, I know these habits hurt important parts of you..”


You know what would help? If people stopped staring for the wrong reasons. Don’t stare at me because I’m walking with a friend. Don’t stare at me because I’m wearing something you don’t like. Don’t stare at me because I’m having a good time cracking up with a friend. Don’t stare at me because I have my eyebrow raised. Don’t stare at me because you think boxers aren’t ladylike. Don’t stare at me because I have different beliefs. Don’t stare at me because I have a different sense of wrong and right. Don’t stare at me because I’m wearing worn out flip flops. Don’t stare at me because my hair is a mess. Don’t stare at me because my eye liner is smeared. Don’t stare at me because I smile a lot. Don’t stare at me because you expected me to look different. Don’t stare at me because I didn’t go to charm school. Don’t stare at me because I sing in the shower. You know what really makes me laugh, though? When I ask you, you tell me sincerely thinking you have a good enough reason.. I’m not ready to compromise my lifestyle for you. Don’t you think you’re asking for a bit too much?:)

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  1. 1Purgatory

    Something must be different about you for people to keep staring at you everywhere, even in the shower


  2. 2Amethyst

    Lol! They don’t stare at me in the shower, they stare at me for singing in the shower;p

    It’s because I’m beautiful!(a)

  3. 3Hasan.B

    When should we stare at you?

  4. 4Amethyst

    When you’re staring without being judgemental. When you respect that I’m different, and I won’t change because you want me to.

  5. 5Broke Saudi

    Let them stare, just shows that you’re different enough to catch their attention.

  6. 6Amethyst

    Broke Saudi

  7. 7Purgatory

    And why do you shower in public ?

  8. 8Amethyst

    I don’t.

  9. 9Noufa

    how come you have messed up hair and smeared eye liner?

    what do you do !? :S

  10. 10plainly

    But people always love to stare!
    Remember this: you are too beautiful it’s disgusting.

  11. 11um-miT3ib

    haw meta i stare 3ayal ;p

  12. 12eshda3wa

    so what would be a good reason to stare?

  13. 13G and L

    totally true. mako shi’3il walla all ppl do is stare. i think that they’re just bored and want to do something interesting. dont let them get to u, just do what ever the hell u want. we love u for it and we aint starin! ;p

  14. 14Bulletii

    ee kila @@@@@@@@@@. i feel you, i feel you.

    *@@ at amethyst*

    kidding! bs ur adorable tara. hehe

  15. 15kila ma6goog


  16. 16Aj

    I stare at you coz you are beautiful ^^

  17. 17OpeRon®

    It’s frustrating how people freak out when someone is different… I hate it

  18. 18do0da

    ur not getting the stares for singing in the shower :P ur getting them for how bad you sing in the shower :P

    im big on the singing in the shower :P i have a stereo in me shower ffs hook my ipod to it and i time my shower by the number of songs i listen too

  19. 19FourMe

    Staring is rude Full STOP!

  20. 20Amethyst

    I don’t brush my hair. Mali khelg a3adel my eye liner lama ysee7;p

    Lol! You’re always so diplomatic;p

    Um Mit3ib
    Read what I wrote for Hasan.B

    Same goes for you;p

    G and L
    Hehe, cheers!;D

    Thank you!


    Kila Ma6goog


    I know;\

    Lol! So now you sing better than I do? Same3ni;p


  21. 21..::Amu::..

    I need that car :D

  22. 22Amethyst


  23. 23Kaos

    LoL, I guess I am guilty of staring sometimes, when I stare at something though it should either be really flattered coz it caught my attention or really embaressed coz it caught my attention ;p
    You surely don’t have to change your lifestyle to be unnoticeable, just don’t place any importance on staring.

  24. 24Amethyst


    I won’t:)

  25. 25Moniker

    stare back. have a staring showdown! ;p

    those are pretty fun..haha

  26. 26Amethyst

    LOL! I do sometimes;p

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