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Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @

I don’t beleive in hatred. I don’t think it exists. Hate is too strong for someone to feel towards someone else. When people say “I hate”, I think they are misusing the word. What they really mean is probably: I envy, I dislike, I’m confused by, I misunderstand, etc. They are using hate as a replacement for a word that they cannot find. Hate isn’t the absence of love. It just doesn’t make sense to me. It’s nonexistent in my world. I might believe in it when I experience it, but until then, I won’t believe in something that doesn’t exist. I don’t even understand what hate is. It confuses me;\

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  1. 1Vixen

    aww that’s so sweet : ) inshallah u dont get to experience yet!

  2. 2Amethyst


  3. 3um-miT3ib

    inshala laih hate ya sayar 3alaich bit3arfeeena 3adel;p

    ana shakhseyan mit3arfa 3alaih;p

  4. 4ZaJeL

    I disagree.. it does exist.. its absent in my world too, but it does exist.
    if a womans child was killed.. she would HATE the killer, if a girl was abused she would HATE the abuser etc..
    these things do happen, we live thinking that they’re non-existent,
    they are more common than you think, but people choose silence because they fear the feeling of shame.

    And to be honest, i think people that do feel hate don’t use the word, they just experience the feeling and tend not to speak of it.

    Hate does exist, otherwise we wouldn’t find the word in the dictionary.

    but what i think you mean is that people misuse the word. a bit too frequently.

  5. 5kila ma6goog

    خوش رسمة

    من وين تييبينهم؟

  6. 6G and L

    inshalla u never ever know wat it is. I believe it exists unfortunately. I feel it everyday.

  7. 7eshda3wa

    u know u hate someone when something awful happenes to them and u feel HAPPY about it

  8. 8Broke Saudi

    Hate is alive, and out there. And I believe hate can be a healthy emotion, we all need some sort of counter to feel good. If there is no hate, why bother with love? We need hate, to know love. We need sorrow, to know happines. A counter makes thigs constant.

  9. 9Yawarakai

    personally, i find that i have never met anyone worth hating.. i just dismiss people i don’t get along with ..

  10. 10Big Pearls

    yeah hate is a very hard feeling to understand

  11. 11Kaileena

    Hate does exist, but people are too liberal with the word they use it unecessarily in situations they don’t HATE in, like you said.

  12. 12Amethyst

    Um Mit3ib
    Lol, allah kareem;p

    I respect your opinion, but I’ll stick to mine:)

    I agree with the part that people use it too frequently, and I said, it’s because it’s easier than pinpointing the exact feeling..

    Oh, and welcome!:)

    Kila Ma6goog
    The link is right under the comic;p

    G and L

    I never felt that way! Madry, 7aram;\

    Broke Saudi
    I disagree. I know love, but that doesn’t mean I know hate. Counters are neccessary only with certain unfamiliar emotions.


    Big Pearls

    Yeah, I’m picky about using the right word;\

  13. 13Almost There

    You know you’ll always have me to love and hate :-p
    and i’ll be expecting two scopes of ice-cream bacher ..

  14. 14Amethyst

    Almost There
    Lol, I don’t think I’m able to hate you;*

    Inshallah. That is if they sell the flavor you want on campus;p

  15. 15Bulletii

    amethyst lw kil il naas nafsich chan il denya kalaha ib5air :/

    inshallah u don’t experience il hate.

  16. 16Amethyst


  17. 17Noufa

    hate exist believe me. you don’t need to experience it to believe in it. just observe other people and you’ll find it.

  18. 18Amethyst

    Except I don’t see it in other people, and I observe people for a living;p

  19. 19Grey

    Hate is good , makes you stronger!

  20. 20Amethyst

    …And more capable of evil:)

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