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Okay. I have a gazillion missed calls;\.. I had music on, and my phone was on the charger beeping once every time someone calls, so it doesn’t wake up those sleeping. I hate it when that happens, but ya3ni I like to think that I’m not attached to my phone;p

Anyway, I love doing the “Life is…” post! I get lots of points of view, and most of the time, I’m surprised. I’m making it a once in a while thing. It’s so.. Poshlusty!

Now, it’s time to complain. My dad is driving me nuts. I have a weird rash around 5 cm to the right of my belly button, and it’s freaking me out. I don’t like having the same dream over and over again without being able to figure out what it means. I’m disliking men with a burning passion these days. I’m stressed. There’s just too much to do in so little time. School is taking too much of my day. Eight/nine to three/ three fifteen is just too much to handle. I want to shoot my Statistics prof in the head. I want to lose a few kilos. I want to wear white pants, but everyone is gasping after I say that out loud. I want five mugs of steaming hot brewed coffee without sugar, but I can’t have that. I’m not spending a lot of time with my family. I sit with them with either a laptop/book in my lap, and that’s not really spending time with them. My mom is forcing me to eat, and it’s not funny. I don’t like running around in an oversized t shirt. I never close the door to my room unless I’m changing, so it would be nice if people stopped barging in. Really.

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  1. 1do0da

    ur lucky u finish school at 3 :r i have so much after school projects meeting the onlt friends im seeing are my group members

    i havnt seen brian in over a week :p

    and to answer ur wainik post ive hurt my wrist recently and typings a bitch plus im in the lab til like 12am so not so much time for blogging but ive got a post lined up soo alls well just waitin for a little breathing space to write it out :P

    coffee is overrated tea tastes like candy AND you can add sugar to it !! :r

    oo and shhh bout the men :P ud think havin me round should be nuf to tip the scale :p

  2. 2kila ma6goog



  3. 3Amethyst



    Salamat! Yalla, khanshouf meta you get breathing time 3ad;p

    You confused me with that one.

    LOL! Nope, not even Clive Owen is enough to tip the scale;p

    Kila Ma6goog
    Shdarani, bas la teth7ak 3alay;(

  4. 4do0da

    flavoured tea :P

    peach flavoured tea is one of my fav :P IT TASTES LIKE CANDY :P and i can add sugar to make it taste like very sweet candy :P

    yea i have a sweet tooth problem =/

  5. 5Ge6awEe

    welcum to the club, its crazy around here too.. someimes i have classes at 6 am .. there are days where i finish classes at midnight. I’m swamped with piles of books which i have to learn in such little tym. i had to cancel my uitar class today (my only time off) becuz theres just so much to do.. i’ve cut down my sleeping hours to 4 hours a day, drinkin more than 5 cups of cofee a day (im nut even counting the pepsi), my weekend is non-existant.. I NEED A BREAK! *sigh*..

    see ur nut alone hunnie :P

  6. 6Amethyst

    Lol! I switched to tea to get rid of coffee, but again, without sugar;p

    That’s why you’re not blogging anymore;(

  7. 7Ge6awEe


    p.s ana mawjooda bas been bizzy lately, o when i do hv tym i spend it sleeping (cuz obviously i need it)or readin other pplz blogs.. dnt hv any new ideas to blog about.

  8. 8Amethyst

    7allaa etsadgeen;\

  9. 9OutOfReach

    ambee why do we always complain ma tla7’6een :D
    anyway i didnt do the life post thing
    but i would like to say that life is a journey dont want to miss it …
    girl spend your time with your family i used to stay in my room all the time now i regret it..;)
    have a nice day

  10. 10Amethyst

    Because when you bottle up for a while, you burst and complain;p


    Inshallah, I’m planning to;p

  11. 11haj

    You always have tons to complain about dont u ;p

    and yeah me too… i hate having the same dream over n over again without knowing wat it means. It kinda scares me actually! These days, my dreams are so weird their bugging me in my sleep ;/

  12. 12Bulletii

    i need to lose weight too. bs.. damn i’m reading your post while mcsalad + cheese cake + 2 cola + veggie sandwich jedami. w i read w remembered inah i must lose weight too b3ad. UGHHH! life is tough. how many kilos you want to lose?

  13. 13Hasan.B

    Thats what I call quick complaining!

  14. 14F.

    A7is basolif wiyach wayid…so excuse me if this is long! :P

    First of all, Kismet (LOL)!!!

    And about the “Life is” post being Poshlusty…that’s hot girl! :P

    Dad’s are the cutest things, now I hate to use the word cute when there’s a better word to use, which is almost all the time :P but this time cute is just right.
    “Wi 3′ubra!”
    Burning passions..? How do you mean?
    Relax honey, though I said that life is wonderful, that doesn’t mean it can’t get hectic sometimes…but some busy-ness is never totally bad, and when you get rewarded in the end with great results and a fun break…it’s just the best.
    Reading over that last bit I realised that it’s a bunch of BS…sorry! :P

  15. 15um-miT3ib

    we all hav a billion things we want;p

    start locking the door for about a month
    they’ll get used to knocking
    then stop locking;p

  16. 16Moniker

    White pants remind me of yachts :p

    How about a cute “please knock before entering” sing? ;p It’s polite!

  17. 17Amethyst


    Ee, yumma;\

    I want to lose 9. You’ll be fine;p


    Lol, 7ayach. Elblog bloggech;p

    It’s an English word, btw;p

    Very shekshy;D

    Hehe, they are cute;p

    It is crap, sorry;p

    Um Mit3ib
    Hehe, I know! Ma neshba3;p


    Hehe, yeah..

    I’m not polite;p

  18. 18Kaileena have to figure out what the occuring dream means. My schedule is quite similar to yours >_< me hate!!!

  19. 19Kaileena

    *re-occuring dream

  20. 20Amethyst

    The next post is a description of the dream. I can’t seem to figure it out.

  21. 21Grey

    Hating men with burning passion !!! i wonder whats that like!

  22. 22Amethyst

    It feels really good at times;p

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