Letting Off STEAM..

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Today I went to KU, and it was awful. I have to stop here because I’m fasting (if I go on, I’ll swear). Ghalia and Farah, I saw you guys part of that blessed morning, so you know what happened.

Question: If your clients are upset, do you stop working?

What’s up with the superstitions? Seriously, I don’t comprehend how people actually believe this stuff. Example:

  • Once I left the shower, and I was brushing my hair. My mom’s friend told me I should pick any hairs that fall on the ground and throw them in the bin because if people step on them I’ll get a headache.

Come on! What could you say to that?

This is the supercaifragelisticexpialedotious car. Mashallah, I’m loving it;*

Coming Soon:

MUFFYCake … on this blog!

I’m glad I don’t need anger management.

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  1. 1White Wings

    ku is ku, take it easy :)
    superstitions are funny, i love hearing about them…did you hear that of not to sing in the bathroom?

  2. 2Ghalia

    omg la la ilyoum LOYA, ni6art 7 hours bas 3ashaaby asajil MADA Waaaaaaa7daaaa!!! w tawny radaa !! aaah!!! and 7u9a’s car is soo hottt!

  3. 3Ghalia

    3ashaaby – 3ashan aby * :P

  4. 4chikapappi

    :) Yup that a i dunno what you call it car :P mashallah!

    So which one’s muffy :)

  5. 5Swair.

    3adi, KU is always like that..

    and i love the color of the car, very unique :D

  6. 6Amethyst

    white wings
    Welcome :) Isn’t singing in the bathroom healthy?

    Lol, you should’ve seen the look on your face. You looked like a dead fish;p

    Muffy is my best friend’s sister. The key to her chocolicious baked goods will be posted soon :)

    I love the color, too!

  7. 7hassawi

    ya ba3ad 3omri walla!!! ya best sister ever!!!!!!! lool!.. my car oo my sisters logo ib one page??!!!!! tara ma agdar ana chithe!!! walla ur sooooo amazin 3awash 7ayaty….
    yalla every1 lookin over 3awash’s blog… 7ayakom… order anetime from MUFFY CAKE!! the most amazin chocolate food ever… oo im nt sayin that cuz she is my sis:p thnx again washwash 3omri!! luv u

  8. 8hassawi

    washwash.. have u ever heard of kissin the palm of u hand and touchin sigaf il sayara if u pass a yellow light????? :p… i read that in a quiz in tickle abt how superstitious r u… i was medium

  9. 9haj

    MY BABY GIRLS PIMPED CAAAR :* hahaha… ya nass, ilgaz feeha moo 6abee3yaa p jk!!
    Muffy, goodluckk with ‘muffycake’ ur gona do amazingg and go all the way to the top inshallah :* lovve uu

  10. 10Anonymous

    hey sweety ;** love wut u hv done here its so kool … so how far is muffy’s cake ??? wish her all da best o whn i cm let her make cake 4me b3d ;p hehehe salmay 3laiha …. GHALIOOO sha5bary !!! wainech manshoofch yal 5aysa … :P sana

  11. 11Amethyst

    You deserve it ;* and so does Muffy :) . I can’t beat you at being a sister. I have no experience remember? I haven’t heard about that, but what the (can’t swear? Luv you laods;*

    Hehe, we just love that car;p

    Akheeran! Muffy Cake is very far. Miss u;*

  12. 12Ghalia

    wait wait 3indy su2al, is muffy 7asawi’s little sis, is she baking cakes? latkhafeen 3awash mara7 aglib ur comment page msn, bas i miss you sanaaaaa!! 7ada menziman 3anich, ur not online thats why i decided to post this here ;p

  13. 13Blue Dress

    Hay Loll, my hair is all over the place, no wonder i have all these headaches.. LOL!

    NIce tetraba ib 3izich!

    That was funny.

  14. 14A.T.C

    hawy ma’am :)
    superstitions r more like jokes, fiction that is funny! so enjoy hearing them but don’t believe them! (do i stop working if my clients r upset?) well, i would change the way i work to make them happy :) … The car is Cool, eloon 3ajeeb!!! supercaifragelisticexpialedotious??? Mary Poppines i think??? i love that movie! :)

  15. 15Amethyst

    Whatever happened to patience and e-mails? Muffy is into a baking business, and I designed the menu ;D

    blue dress
    Welcome! The car is hassawi’s ;D

    I do enjoy them because it’s funny how people say them looking very serious. Apparently, KU doesn’t give a (cnt swear) about what we think of their services. Mary Poppins;p

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