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Sou, thanks for a fun class. I felt like he wanted to strangle us both;p

Ya nass! I feel weird. It’s the first time ever that I get this feeling. I feel empty, but I also feel that my heart is full to the brim. I’m sentimental, moody, and bitchy, but I’m still myself. I think I’m developing my Mr. Hyde or something. And I don’t feel like blogging what I was going to blog about anymore;S

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  1. 1Ge6awEe

    It’s okay, we all go thru that marat.. ana personally wen i start readin sumthing, i get sucked in and my whole mood changes everything changes, 9ij a3eesh the story.. i snap out of it a few days after i finish the book

  2. 2eshda3wa

    take a break!

  3. 3falantan

    Do some volunteering work, when you see other people’s problems it has a way of putting everything back in perspective :)

  4. 4do0da

    its times like these when i sleep in and ditch a class or two :P

  5. 5Skinny Bumblebee

    Its probably the time! or close by ;p

    LOL on frosty! poor baby.

  6. 6Amethyst

    The title has nothing to do with how I feel;\

    From what?

    I’m doing therapy;(

    Lol! Typical you;p

    Skinny Bumblebee

    Hehe, yeah!

  7. 7..::Amu::..

    take a break girl…

    btw I hate seeing blood in the pics :/

  8. 8Amethyst

    From what?

    Lol, me 2.. But this funny blood;p

  9. 9suspic

    I’ll ignore your women troubles since god knows women like to be vague when they I’ll just say..



  10. 10Amethyst

    Thank you for your concern;p


  11. 11AnGeL

    we all go through this. take me for example THIS is the reason why i’m not blogging that much any more. i told you that i wasn’t in the mood these days for blogging, of course my phase took, and still is taking for ever :p

  12. 12Amethyst

    Lol! I haven’t seen your Mr. Hyde.

    This won’t take forever for me;p

  13. 13haj

    it’s ok, it’ll pass ;)

  14. 14Amethyst

    I know;*

  15. 15Kaileena

    Zis is vat ve call PMSing! very very populaar in dis planett!

  16. 16Amethyst

    Lol! How come I don’t feel like this every time I PMS?

  17. 17Kaileena

    It’s natural to experience different symptoms every few months in our age (19-21) I guess =z

  18. 18Amethyst

    I’m half over it;p

  19. 19Kaileena

    Good girlo!

  20. 20Amethyst


  21. 21Sou

    Third nipple.

    What was the fourth? haha.

  22. 22Amethyst

    Lol! It was Irritable Male Syndrome.. IMS;p

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