The Virgin Suicides

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[UPDATE] The Dream Dealer is great… for kids. We are eleven adults, but it is a change. I’m pleasantly surprised to know that I’m acquainted with five cast memebers. One of them a dear friend. The disppointment is that none of them told me about the musical. I heard from someone else.

The story is an extremely good one. The Dream Dealer himself, the devil in disguise, is a great idea. The story definitely teaches children a lot, and the cast put a lot of effort in getting the plot across to the kids. The live music, colorful costumes, energetic movement on stage, and interesting plot keeps adults awake.

“The lady who made the show possible” is one of my drama teachers back in the day. Another surprise.

For those who simply cannot bring themselves down to being a child, you should learn how to;p

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The Dream Dealer – tonight @7pm – Dar Al Athar Al Islamiya – 8KD for adults – 5KD for children
I shall update:)

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  1. 1kila ma6goog


    i cant go :(

  2. 2..::Amu::..

    I wana be a child too..can I shrink? :P

  3. 3outkasty

    haw lesh we can’t? 7adda we can go lol intaQalQas

  4. 4Amethyst

    Kila Ma6goog
    You should have taken Salma:)

    I don’t think you can, but you can act like one;p

    Hatha eli 9ar;p

  5. 5Purgatory

    so did you pay the kids fee?

  6. 6do0da

    woulda loved to go :P i never grew up so i dont have to bring myself down to be a child :P

  7. 7Bombay Bombshell

    So it was actually good ?
    Next time tell us in advance !
    I just found this post today,
    I would’ve loved to go !

  8. 8Amethyst

    No, we paid the adults fee;p

    Hehe, that’s the best way to do things;)

    Bombay Bombshell
    Sorry, everything was short notice! I usually post in advance, but I had no time with this one;\

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