Shmexi Haircut

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Be there!

I still miss Sou

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I feel weird. I haven’t eaten anything since the afternoon, like 5 or so hours ago, and I just finished watching Becoming Jane and crying my eyes out. Everything feels misplaced. Oh, and my heart feels misplaced. Chena mukana wayed ghala6 w it’s beating all wrong;\ 4O minutes later.. I just had a meal with [...]

I miss Sou

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Cyanide & Happiness @ — The Archer, this one is for you. I couldn’t resist;p Cyanide & Happiness @ — Cyanide & Happiness @ — The concert on Friday was simply amazing! There were singers, pianists, guitarists, flutists (?), a violinist, and a drummer. Although one of my favorite songs was ruined, [...]

Well, sometimes I go out by myself, and I..

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. [UPDATE] Musical Concert tonight at the Abdulaziz Theatre in Mishref, next to the jam3eya @7.30pm. . [UPDATE2] The question is: What do you think is your best physical feature? So, what other people think is not important;p . Cyanide & Happiness @ — Being ravished by a foreign unfamiliarity of emotions.. — Barkooli: [...]


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I had a weird morning and afternoon. I woke up feeling like crap. I wore my emergency outfit. I rushed out the door and headed to school. After my first class, I met up with three friends under the mathalat malout the staff’s parking lot, and we listened to good music. That flipped my mood. [...]

Ladybug or Ladybird?

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Cyanide & Happiness @ — Who the hell do you think you are? What are you doing? You sit and decide who your next target is? And then, what? You go around telling people unspeakable things? I pity you. I look down on you. Really, I do. I didn’t really care when you said [...]


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These past two months have been exhausting. I am done writing a paper on G.B. Shaw’s “Life Force”, but I can’t stop thinking about that theory. I always believed that I should start with myself when it comes to making the world a better place, but now, it seems like I don’t even know who [...]


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Something different for a change… On Wednesday, Sulayman AlBassam came to give a talk in our department. For those of you who do not recall him. You should know that I am into him because of this and this. Being a genius with good looks adds to the experience of watching his most recent breathtaking [...]


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I sat across from him. I placed my hands on the cool surface of the oak table. He seemed to be miles away. I looked up and realized no matter how close he was, he was always miles away. Funny. I put my hands around the mug with the flowers. The coffee smelled so good, [...]

All Shook Up

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Dear *, I want it to be tomorrow. I want it to be the day you realize how selfish you are. You know, when that day comes, I will be sure I will have more “times” with you. Hehe, I wonder why we call them “times” …do you know? I can remember every moment I [...]