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Cyanide & Happiness @ — Swair‘s tag: My quirky addiction was brought to mind by Kaileena — Sou’s post got me thinking about one favorite memory. I’m reading on the floor of a certain library with a steaming cup of coffee. The windows are open, and there is a cool breeze blowing through the [...]


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Cyanide & Happiness @ — Cyanide & Happiness @ — I was just attacked by two strange women, but they were FAST! And it beat going to the salon in my state of mind. Now, T can’t comment on certain girl issues that need to be taken care of regularly. I wish men [...]


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Cyanide & Happiness @ — “I harbor your negativity” is one of my friends’ nick. There really are people who harbor your negativity, and at times, they even get rid of it for you. It got me thinking about the people who do that for me. When I’m upset, confused, doubtful, or feeling negative, [...]


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Cyanide & Happiness @ — The whole room lights up when he walks in. I smile with every part of my body. I feel gratitude pushing to express itself through my eyes. I feel at ease. Despite all our ups and downs, he knows how to make me happy. He knows how to make [...]


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You might as well chain your hands and legs and seal your lips. Don’t talk about politics. You’ll offend those who twist your words before they comprehend them. Don’t talk about religion. You’ll offend those who have different beliefs and narrow minds. Don’t call your parents with their first names. You’re immoral. Don’t run after [...]


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Cyanide & Happiness @ — Everything is white. The floors, walls, and ceilings. The white bed on your right. The sofa she is sitting on. You only have one picture of her. She does not have gray hairs in that picture, but she did not have pitch black straight hair like she does now. [...]


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Okay. I have a gazillion missed calls;\.. I had music on, and my phone was on the charger beeping once every time someone calls, so it doesn’t wake up those sleeping. I hate it when that happens, but ya3ni I like to think that I’m not attached to my phone;p Anyway, I love doing the [...]


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Cyanide & Happiness @ — I’ve done this before. You can’t repeat your answer if you commented on the previous similar post. Finish this sentence: Life is…


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Cyanide & Happiness @ — [Click on the image to enlarge] This interview struck me as a must-read. What do you think?

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My friend e-mailed me this article a while ago. I read it more than once, but I still have a gazillion questions. One step closer to unsolving the mystery that is called men. — I don’t like going to lunches with set tables. You know? When there is no buffet, the food is on the [...]