El Gouna

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Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net — First of all, I recently read about a Saudi blogger’s imprisonment from Ge6awee’s blog. Click on the banner before Poshlust’s hit counter for more details. This echoes the point in my last post. Very upsetting. — A couple of days ago, I was talking to a cousin of mine [...]

Becoming Jane

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In all the important documents in the world they say that everyone is equal and all that. They also say that we have freedom of opinion and expression. Examples: our constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and Declaration of the Rights of Man. Why don’t those who are narrow-minded just believe in that and save us [...]


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[UPDATE] [This article was left on our seats] As you can see from the pictures, the audience who lent its ears to the several speakers at the event was great. It was well-organized and very informative as well as motivating. The speakers included Abdulrahman AlTawheed, Ali AlRashed, M7amad AlSaddah, Lulwa AlQatami, Nora AlGhanim, Mariam AlSane, [...]

Killing Me Softly

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Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net — Fans of The Amazing Race? — F. posted about this website. Here’s my painting:) La et3ayboun! I’m talented;p — Another field of immense talent: cooking.. NOT! Okay, for those who don’t know me, I really don’t know how to cook. I know how to eat and dine well, but [...]


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Hal mara sij Hearts and Flowers. Introducing… Muffy Cake’s Love Edition My favorite are the cookies, the fudge ball brownies, and Charming;p

The Cook Book

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Okay! I have to do this fast. Second post today:) — Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net — Remember when I dissed Lalique’s Amethyst? Well, Cat has convinced me to try it again! Will update since it might become my signature perfume;p — My friend needed help writing a poem: Bebe says:its goood ;Plisten im writing [...]

Hearts & Flowers

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J sent me these a while ago. Outkasty, I know how much you love ads.. So, this is for you:) Yes, you guessed it.. The question! Which one’s your favorite? I like the first one, where the man is hung by a rope;p

Does it look like I care?

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Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net — A few days ago, I was at the Avenues with friends. I was tired and restless, and they were making me walk all over the place. Soon, I got sick of walking around (in new heels which hurt the soles of my feet), and I sat down while waiting [...]

ولا فاكر كلمة حتعيد اللي كان؟

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Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net — Major te7el6em, I’m warning you. We had a 3azeema at our place today. A half formal half informal thing because I don’t really know the people all that well. So, I wake up and get ready for the guests, only to be told that there’s work to be done. [...]

Home Sweet Home

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I’ve been having trouble sleeping recently. You know, when you’re so sleepy, but your eyes are wide open. That sort of thing which drives me nuts, and so now, I’m a very cranky psychotic young lady. Plus, I’m being extremely emotional. People I care about may have noticed the level of being sentinmental that I [...]