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Cyanide & Happiness @ — I feel VIOLATED, upset, Exhausted, ConFuseD, A-N-G-R-Y, and determined!

Just Dance!

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Warning: Two of the following three comic strips might spoil your meal;p And they are especially for Do0da (and maybe ThePurg) Cyanide & Happiness @ — Cyanide & Happiness @ — Cyanide & Happiness @ — Enzain fi shay 7ada emkhaleeni a3aseb kind of society/jam3a-wise bas mali khelg I talk about it [...]


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Ya Kwait Ya A7la Balad

Perfect Eyes

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Cyanide & Happiness @— I hate being misunderstood by people who know me well. I hate being belittled or seeing someone being belittled. I hate being shut off by someone I love. I hate being disrespected for expressing my opinion. I hate being unaccepted for being myself. I hate not knowing how to act [...]

Styled Hair

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I just got back from a party, so excuse the ramble. Today, a friend of mine lent me a complete audio file of the second rally that I couldn’t go to. Thank you 7Q;* I sat in the department’s corridor, and I listened. I couldn’t help but remember all the people that keep saying that [...]

No Books

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Cyanide & Happiness @ — Sou, thanks for a fun class. I felt like he wanted to strangle us both;p — Ya nass! I feel weird. It’s the first time ever that I get this feeling. I feel empty, but I also feel that my heart is full to the brim. I’m sentimental, moody, [...]

*Rolls Eyes*

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No finger pointing, I HATE how discussions on Mughniah and Hezballah are going. Will people calm down and respect each other’s opinions?! ;S — I don’t know why, but lately, I don’t feel like I’ve been appreciating my friends and telling them I love them like I used to. I’m feeling a bit strange these [...]

Chasing Cars

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Cyanide & Happiness @ — Today is the first day of torture after three weeks of bliss. I’m killing myself this semester with seven classes, but I couldn’t drop anything because the classes are all taught by the professors of my choice. Unfortunately, I only have one literature class;( It’s great being back home [...]

The Virgin Suicides

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[UPDATE] The Dream Dealer is great… for kids. We are eleven adults, but it is a change. I’m pleasantly surprised to know that I’m acquainted with five cast memebers. One of them a dear friend. The disppointment is that none of them told me about the musical. I heard from someone else. The story is [...]

Golf, anyone?

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Falantan and Suspic have both recently posted about anonymity, and I feel like writing my take on things. First of all, I’m anonymous to most fellow bloggers; however, people I know personally know of and read my blog as well. When I came up with my first post, I had my blog’s URL in my [...]