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Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net — I made a deal with a friend which involves lessening my coffee intake, and it’s driving me nuts! — What do you do when you feel a friend drifiting away? What do you do when you’re sick of giving people chances? What do you do when you tell someone [...]

"Laish mu kashkha?"

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Moments That Made Me Who I Am Inspired by Eshda3wa 1992 My younger brother’s birth. 1999 School in Australia + A dispute with my Math teacher 2000 Changing schools: I didn’t think this would matter back then. 2003 Becoming close friends with H 2005 My first stab in the back by a so-called best friend [...]

Haven't Danced

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Warning: Might spoil your appetite/meal.. Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net — I have two obsessions.. No, four: Reading, food, coffee, and music. Not in that order. So, the one giving me a hard time these days is the coffee, but I can’t do anything about that. It’s also helping my obsession with food. The more [...]


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We’ve been “punk’d” by my parents. Wow, who would have thought I’d use elision in this post? Anyway, they were supposed to arrive Wednesday (after tomorrow), but they are cutting their trip short and coming back any time soon. I won’t groan, instead.. HALLELUJAH! My wonderful brothers (no sarcasm, I love them), have been treating [...]


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So, Outkasty (aka Very.Q8ya) wanted a post about Go Kart. I’m nice enough to write about my continual embarrassment on different Go Kart tracks. I’m not talented in driving anything, just so you know. The most recent Go Kart experiences were during my trip to Egypt last Spring. Okay, people.. I did it twice. I [...]


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Hi back. No, it’s not okay. Nothing you say is important. You know what else isn’t okay? The fact that you keep coming back when you should’ve realized by now that you’re unwanted. I did so much for you. All you did was bring me down. What is it that you want now? Can’t you [...]

Old (60+) Men Are De3las

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Okay, so there is no comic because I only post comics when I feel like it, and they only post a comic a day anyway, and this is my second post in 24 hours. As already obvious for the people who are emfat7een, this is a lot of ramble. We had a HAJS gathering today [...]

Parents Gone

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Hello, darlings. I had a trip to the bank this morning. A list of things that I noticed: 1. A sick pregnant woman gets up to throw tissue in the garbage can, and a teenage girl sits in her place. When she sees her coming back, she sneers and doesn’t get up! 2. A little [...]

Scared of Puking

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I didn’t find this one funny… Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net … and please don’t try this at home (as in don’t stick things up your behind) — I haven’t been feeling great physically recently. So, yesterday I decided to go out, and see if I feel better. I didn’t… until I bought a new [...]

Muffy's Mud Pie

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The Dreaded Raised Eyebrow! Yes.. For those of you who know me, you’ll get aha moments. Now, a lot of people get the impression that I’m rude, stuck up, and all witchy because of my facial expressions. I’m not. Seriously, I just have a very honest face which cannot hide emotions. My mom thinks it’s [...]