Dancing = Liberation

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Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net — I got this e-mail recently. I had to share it to spite all of the men out there who are too blekh to do anything about themselves. Women are like apples on trees. The best ones are at the top of the tree. Most men don’t want to reach [...]

Exclusively Kaifan-ish

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حَقَرتَ الرُدَينِيّاتِ حَتّى طَرَحتَها وَحَتّى كَأَنَّ السَيفَ لِلرُمحِ شاتِمُ*

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This is the only pic (or half of a pic) you people will get to enhance your imagination on Dr. Ya3youni. Yes, she is wearing pink frills, black sparkly lace, and a two piece patterend-on-the-edge beige suit, BUT I LOVE HER! I don’t want her to teach me, but she really is the sweetest thing [...]

What Say You?

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Aїсна [Dad's Butterfly] says:abi asafer•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:lol..where 2..?Aїсна [Dad's Butterfly] says:anywhere•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:lolme 2..i jst wanna leave hereeebleee5555555555Aїсна [Dad's Butterfly] says:and when i cm bk, i want2c everyone happy and my uncle back in kuwait7ada BLEKH!•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:awwwwAїсна [Dad's Butterfly] says:that wudnt happen sa7?•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:nope..nothn good ever happensAїсна [Dad's Butterfly] says: *insert shocked face*•¤‡°RêèémY°‡¤• says:so dnt keep ur [...]

We'd be so less fragile if we're made of metal.

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I hate that the people who deserve to be happy the most aren’t. If you’re going to say that this is blasphemous, say it to yourself because I won’t tolerate it! The sweetest kindest most genuine people are “itching” as a friend puts it, while the cruelest meanest most hypocritical are “itch-free”! It upsets me! [...]

I loved you with a fire red.. and it's staying red!

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A Tribute to HAJSH, J, and S. Do you have any idea how much you guys mean to me? I feel like nothing in my life would be the way it is now without you three. I love that you accept me the way I am. You guys never try to change it. Even if [...]

But I feel so A-D-D!

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There are many things I will not do again in college.. This is one of them ^! Especially after being told that I look like a drunk 15 year old guy. 7Q, you are forbidden to impose your fashion sense on me from now on;p Until When? — A friend just asked me if I’m [...]

Please don't stop the music!

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Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net Please, tell me you get it! Because it’s funny.. And no one I linked to got it! — A post of random Literature for a change:) جئت ، لا أعلم من أين ، ولكني أتيتولقد أبصرت قدامي طريقاً فمشيتوسأبقى ماشياً إن شئت هذا أم أبيتكيف جئت ؟ كيف أبصرت طريقي [...]