Auld Lang Syne

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[UPDATE] The sketches above were put up all over campus before the Eid holiday (from 12-27 Dec to be specific). So, I’m wondering, were the people inspired to sketch their own posters for the “We7dat ElErshad ElNafsi” posters, which can be seen below? If they were, I pity them. If they were competing with the [...]

Singing in the Rain

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Upon her request, ways for Sou‘s husband to send her back to where she came from: 1. Change the locks and leave her things on the doorstep with a note that says: LEAVE ME ALONE, YOU PSYCHOTIC WOMAN! 2. Leave her on her family’s doorstep in a cage with a note that says: Because I [...]

*Insert Question Mark*

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So… How do YOU see me? Am I tall? Do I smile a lot? How do I walk? Am I evil? How do you guys perceive the person behind this blog? P.S. For those of you who know me personally or other than bloggerly, don’t ruin it;p

Jingle Bells

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After Fast Lane, Swair, and Chika wrote, my turn to express my anger on this topic has come… RACISM No one, and I literally mean NO ONE, has the right to feel superior to others. We are all equal. There is no sense, no logical explanation, for a sense of superiority over others. I don’t [...]

That pivotal moment..

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Reminds me of A/The Rake’s Progress, Peter Grimes/”The Borough”, etc. Cyanide & Happiness @ — Onto the issue that’s been at the back of my head for a while now, people who disagree with my recent post about men. First off, rather than disagree face to face or in a private conversation, I’d rather [...]

A Little Less Conversation

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Like the Elvis song… Cyanide & Happiness @ — Anyway, is self-discovery BS?! I, for one, don’t think so. A conversation between an acquaintance and I watched by four other people in silence went something like this: Me: All the books I’ve read help me in some way… I don’t know. I guess I [...]

Surrender yourself to dance…or silence

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My apologies to Soud for taking so long. It took me a while to finish this book because I’ve been busy with school. Studying literature equals a big amount of reading. The book is captivating. As a big fan of Coelho’s work, you’d think I picked the book because of the author, but that wasn’t [...]

So, what am I so afraid of?

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Okay! I hated Poshlust for like 3 full minutes because I felt like it allowed people to invade my thoughts. But now.. I so love him/her all over again and more than before ba3ad! This is my space to be purely me in whatever mood I am. 7ayaty Poshlust.. Randomly, this is really funny: Anyways, [...]


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Have you all heard about Q8Books? It’s a little book store which sells new and used books. The place is the coziest thing with ground to ceiling shelves lined with books, books, books, and more books! I got dizzy just looking. I wanted to buy almost everything! Heaven.. Oh, and the Christmas theme was cute [...]

Everybody's free to feel good;)

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So, I partied last night. In heels, if I may add. It was great. It’s funny how when people (or it could be just yours truly) dance, it seems like they are freeing themselves of everything. As soon as I’m done dancing, I feel like I’ve released all the negative energy. I don’t dance in [...]