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A painting by Van Gogh inspired this post. If you are unable to make the connection, the painting is to the left of the text you are reading right now. — People, I beseech you.. Finish this sentence: Life is … Cheers, K.Payne.

A Happy, Under Pressure Post

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This is an image of Poshlust in Eden. That is, if Poshlust was a person to begin with:) — I came to terms with myself last night. A couple of days ago, a friend e-mailed me an article on a religious topic on how some people feel the need to impose their faith on others. [...]

102 Things About Amethyst

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This post is inspired by The Don1. I can walk and brush my teeth simultaneously.2. I love my life and wouldn’t change a thing if I could.3. I’m named after my grandmother, whom I’ve never met.4. I’m a good listener.5. I recently found out that I’m not indifferent towards stalkers.. They freak me out!6. I [...]

Food + Mona Lisa = Blogging + Elections

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Obsession: FoodType: IncurableReason: New pizza recipe! Let me show you what I mean.. Yes, I’m obsessed with those. *sighs* — Today, I was flipping through the TV after fu6our (yes, me flipping through the TV), and I saw a Mona Lisa imposter *gasps*! Two seconds later, my vision clears.. And it’s none other than 7aleema. [...]