This Is MY Interpretation

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So, yesterday was a great day for me. Sou’s obsession with Mika got me listening to him. I love the guy! His music puts me in this strange high happy mood. I don’t know how to describe it. Everyone was getting the kicks out of me walking around with crazy hair and a big smile [...]

Swair's Tag: 5 (+1) Things I'm Enjoying (With Pics)!

Saturday, 27 October 2007, 13:27 | Category : Uncategorized
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Here it goes: A pile of unread books New pajamas *sigh* My “reading chair” is where I’m spending most of my “relaxation” time. The new electrical kettle thingy in the kitchen. The temptation to listen to Sou’s gift: A Jack Savoretti CD which I refuse to listen to unless I’m alone in the car, and [...]

لساني صارم لا عيب فيه وبحري لا تكدره الدلاء

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هو ود هاف ثوت آي ود هاف أن أربك تايتل؟ But, I really liked this line from a poem we took in class. No reason not to have it as a title since soemtimes my titles aren’t related to my post. Most of them are lyrics from whichever song I’m listening to while typing in [...]


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Someone suggested that I post my library and allow people to discuss choice of books, make suggestions as to what to read, etc. So, this post is open to comments whenever. The list of books will be updated regulary. “People say life is the thing, but I prefer reading.” Logan Pearsall Smith — 1984, George [...]


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MUFFYCAKE This, readers, is the ultimate homemade dessert experience. I haven’t tried everything on the menu, but I shall review on the ones I have. Happy getting-high-on-sugar! P.S. How hot is the menu? I designed it;)

Don't you step on my Blue suede shoes!

Sunday, 21 October 2007, 16:50 | Category : Uncategorized
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I have class at the Arabic for foreigners language center at KU with a high school friend. Classes with high school friends get memories started. Anyways, so we sit next to each other, and sitting next to her is this girl. She asks the most stupid questions. First, I was trying to be nice about [...]

I'm Not Going To Say "Never Again"!

Sunday, 21 October 2007, 14:19 | Category : Uncategorized
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I couldn’t comment or post anything the last few days due to personal issues and ultimate messed upness of the laptop. I absolutely detest people who butt into very personal issues. I shall not discuss religion with half-strangers. I shall not discuss marriage with anyone but my mom, HAJS, and those who passed the abstract [...]

36 Randomites + A Revelation

Thursday, 18 October 2007, 20:37 | Category : Uncategorized
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I got this from N.’s blog. 1. What side of the heart do you draw first?Right 2. Can you dive without plugging your nose?Yes 3. What color is your razor?No razors. 4. What is your blood-type?O+ 5. Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?Either Paulo Coelho or Al Pacino6. What is [...]

Well, I'm sitting alone thinking about it all over coffee.

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I think I have a light case of OCD. Whenever I listen to “Numb” by Linkin Park, I have to listen to “Breakdown” by Chris Daughtry right after it. Weird? — J got a kitten. She won’t give us the satisfaction of knowing whether or not that kitten is male/female. Or both (I’m reading Middlesex). [...]

Blog Action Day: Mother Nature is Calling…

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Before I get serious, I need to make a few shoutouts. J: Check! F: Happy Birthday Darling;* S: Welcome Back;* H: Come Back! — Today is Blog Action Day. I wish I had the time to do a little bit of research, but I don’t. So, I’ll just do the usual complaining. Why?! (Have you [...]